Thoughts on Blogging

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. I think it’s partially because we’ve been so busy at work, with rehearsals and a photo call, so there hasn’t been much to write about.

I’ve also been feeling a little down. Really missing my girlfriends. Not just the ones in New York and California and Albuquerque, but the ones who have left the tour. I’m feeling a bit like the lone girl in a sea of men! Which isn’t bad, I actually really enjoy working with guys, but sometimes it’s nice to have some girl time. At least Elaine comes to sub in Minneapolis, which isn’t too far off.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my blog this week and whether or not I should continue to keep it totally public. My friend Fran, who also has a blog about touring, was misquoted last week on a show biz website by some stranger who had been reading her blog – subsequently she has decided to discontinue her site, as it has clearly gotten into the wrong hands, and has gotten away from being what she had intended it to be – a newsletter of sorts for friends. 

After I found out about that, I started thinking about this blog. I certainly don’t have as many readers as Fran, but it is a little weird not knowing who exactly is reading this. I started this blog primarily as a diary for myself – back in the age of film cameras, I used to scrapbook everything. Now with everything being digital, I thought a blog would be a good way to document everything. And with it being online, it would be easy to share photos with family and friends, and they could keep up with me and my whereabouts. As more and more people have found out about the site, it has become increasingly harder to be really candid about life and work on the road. So “Travels with Tallulah” has become more of an event diary, with not as much opinion or commentary, which is fine. But I wonder when I look back at it years from now, will I wish I had been able to keep a more detailed account of what actually happened? Sure I could keep a private diary, but its hard enough to keep up with doing a blog post every week, let alone journalling as well.

So I’m thinking about making the site password protected, and allowing access only to those who I originally intended to share it with – close family and friends. I don’t like to exclude people, but I’m not sure it’s serving the purpose I intended it to anymore. I’m still not totally sold on the idea yet, mostly because of my crafting content – I like for other knitters to be able to access my projects, but I may have to sacrifice that. What happened with Fran’s blog really made me think. And it would be really nice to be able to just freely write whatever I am thinking and feeling, without having to worry about ramifications.

What do you think? Comments? Opinions? Let me know.

So – as for the travel diary part of the blog – like I said, not much doin’ the past two weeks. We did have a photo call in West Palm Beach, and I got some really good shots from backstage.

We also said goodbye to another of the original company members – our drummer, Lee. Lee is a really cool, mellow guy, and one kick-ass drummer. He will definitely be missed. We did him right by sending him off with a party at a bar called O’Boobigans, a mix between Hooters and an Irish pub, in Clearwater, Florida. 

This week in Orlando winds up our six-week Florida trek. It’s been nice to be in shorts and t-shirts in February and March, and fantastic to be near the ocean again, but I’m ready for a change of scenery.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!  xxx



Poor Tallulah. She’s depressed right now because she is stuck in a boring hotel room in Clearwater, and last week she spent all her time doing this:

Lying in her loaner bed (the owner is a poodle named Coco Marie), watching the birds outside the french doors of our West Palm Beach cottage. The real thing is so much better than Animal Planet. Now the poor kitty is stuck in a stupid hotel room, with no view. She has spent the past twelve hours hiding under the bed. Poor baby.