Back to Where It All Began

I was on a plane today that landed at the Detroit airport en route to Washington, DC from Lansing, Michigan. It occurred to me as we touched down that one year ago today I was also landing at the Detroit airport, heading off to start the tour at the Fisher Theater in downtown Detroit. One year. Wow. It has flown by so quickly. It was very appropriate to be back in Detroit today, even if it was only for twenty minutes to change planes. I said a silent thank you to the heavens for blessing me with such a fantastic job. I still love it one year later.

So, this past week we played East Lansing, Michigan. We were at the Wharton Center, which is on campus at Michigan State University, Jovon’s alma mater. It was really nice for him to be back there, and for us to experience MSU with him. He had a lot going on this week between catching up with friends and family, to press interviews, to speaking with the theater department on campus. I can tell he had a great time though, and it was neat hearing about his college experiences at MSU and fun to get a little campus tour from him. Go Green! Go White!

We stayed at the Towne Place Suites, near campus, which was a comfortable little place – more like small apartments than a hotel. The weather was snowy and cold, which made it difficult to want to get out much. Much better to stay at the cozy hotel and catch up on TV shows and email and stay warm!

On the work front, the theater  on campus was large and easily accommodated the show. We had a successful opening night with a party afterwards at a restaurant called Beggars Banquet. The food was delicious! 

Fran, me, Elaine and Suzanne - the coolest crew chicks ever

Fran, me, Elaine and Suzanne - the coolest crew chicks ever

The following evening was Elaine’s last show with us. Elaine has been the assistant hair supervisor since the tour started, and she is one kick-ass chick. A down-home Texas girl, who now calls Winter Park home, she will be sorely missed, along with her delicious guacamole and her sidekick, Taza the Chihuahua – Tallulah’s bus buddy. We had going-away drinks for her at the Harrison Roadhouse, where we sent her off the right way, filled with lots of cosmopolitans! I’ll miss you tons, Elaine!

The next day we came into work and Elaine had left a dozen pies for us all with the following note:

The rest of the week went by so quickly. Like I said, I mostly hibernated, but Ryan and I did get some shopping done, and I did get out and take some pictures of the campus, which looked so pretty under a blanket of snow.


There have been lots of comings and goings within the company as of late, and more are upcoming. Robert Petkoff, who plays Robin leaves at the end of this first week in DC. He will be replaced by James Beaman, who we began rehearsing this past week in East Lansing. We also bid goodbye to Lisa, our stage management sub, as Ken returns from Australia this week. It was great having Lisa around for the six weeks – we’ll be seeing her again in Boston when she comes in to cover my vacation (yay!). It will be so nice to have Daddy Ken back, though – I’ve missed his loud laugh backstage and all his great youtube finds!

Mostly though, this last week my mind has been in California rather than Michigan. As I said in my last post, my brother Nick is sick and has been in the hospital in LA. It has been hard not being there to help or even just to lend emotional support. I have been thinking of him everyday though, and also thinking of my parents who are there with him. Thankfully, today I got a call from my dad who told me that Nick has been released from the hospital and is at home resting. My parents are staying in LA with him for another week and then they are hoping he is well enough to travel to the Bay Area with them, where he can recuperate and gain back some strength over the holidays. I am so happy and relieved by this news and have to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for him and sending the good mojo. Nick’s definitely not out of the woods – ultimately he will need a kidney transplant to become really better and healthy – but it is good to know that he is feeling better and able to be home again. I love you Nick – thinking of you all the time.  

So today we arrived in the nation’s capital. I’ve never been to Washington, DC and I am so excited to be spending a month here. Our rental apartment in Dupont Circle is really cute and in a great location. I walked by the White House today on the way to the theater! Pretty cool, although smaller than I imagined. I have a huge list of things I want to do here, plus the holidays are coming up and I have two trips planned to New York City – I’m sure the month will fly by. 

Finally, in knitting news, I finally knit my Mirasol Sulka yarn into a hat. I tried twice to make Gretel (a cabled beret pattern by Ysolda Teague), but the yarn just wasn’t having it – it is really too thick to use for cables, so instead I made the Raisin Beret, which I found the pattern for on Ravelry. I think the final result is very cute!

I used probably about 150 yards of yarn, knit up on size 10 needles. Modifications: I only cast on 72 stitches and worked the pattern from that – I did the pattern repeat twice, rather than three times, and skipped the yarn-over part of the decrease section, as I couldn’t get them to line up correctly. I just went directly to SSKs and K2togs. And I am pleased with the end product! 

After completing this hat, I knit up a lil something for my sis for Christmas, and now have cast on for the Tilted Duster from last fall’s Interweave. I am almost out of yarn in my trunk – I will have to do some shopping here in DC 🙂

Well that’s all for now – happy Spam-iversary to me!