Banff National Park

The highlight of the week in Calgary was most definitely our trip to Banff National Park. Calgary as a city was much more bustling than Edmonton, but still fairly run-of-the-mill. There was a shopping mall downtown, and a pedestrian mall with lots of restaurants, and a nice bike trail along the river – all things that made the week pleasant.

We stayed at the Westin, which was a very nice hotel, although the rooms were wee. It was a cozy week as we took up the room with all of our luggage.

The Monday bus travel was uneventful and load-in went smoothly.  On Wednesday and Thursday Ryan had work calls to go over all things automation, as he is moving into that position when Keith leaves in a couple of weeks. I mostly stayed downtown – did a little shopping, and visited one yarn store, Make One.

Then Friday came, and we got up at the crack of dawn to make the two hour drive to Banff National Park. We headed to the mountains and drove straight to Lake Louise. The lake is beautiful – it is crystal blue, the most amazing blue you have ever seen. 

We set off to hike as much of the trails as we could in the few hours we had before having to head back in to Calgary for the show. All in all, I think we hiked about eight or nine miles! We stopped at one tea house high in the mountains for a snack, and were hoping to make it to a second one, but we ran out of time. 

Lake Agnes Tea House

Lake Agnes Tea House

All the while I was also sort of hoping that we would get a glimpse of a bear as it is berry season and bears are apparently all over the national park at the moment. Lots of hikers had bells on their packs to ward them off. Well, no bears to be seen, but lots of amazing scenery. 


After the long day of hiking we reluctantly headed back to the car, but not before a quick walk through the Chateau Lake Louise, which a beautiful hotel right on the banks of the river.

It was a great day, and only too bad that we couldn’t stay longer! It would have been great to explore other areas of the park as well.

The weekend was the usual four shows, and then Monday we traveled the very long, long way to Philadelphia. We are staying in a gigantic apartment at Rittenhouse Square, which seems so decadent – but we deserve it! We had a couple of days off as we are opening on Thursday (to allow the trucks the time to get here), and I was able to get back to New York for a day. But more of that next post!