BBQ to celebrate the new patio!

Eric and his dad have been hard at work over the past two weeks putting a patio in our backyard (in 100 degree temps, no less!). It came out beautifully, and its hard to believe that our backyard is the same one that we formerly called “the jungle”. It looks so great. We invited a bunch of friends and family over on Saturday to break it in.

Our friends, Travis and Brian

Brian and Erika, who is 15 weeks pregnant!

Lila’s cousin, P.R., in between Brian and Fernando

Petey, who we toured with on “Rock of Ages”

Lila, checking out the new bottle opener

Lila and Nana

Aunt Maryliz and Lila

Eric’s dad Paul and his neighbor, Eugene

Eric’s cousin Kelsey and his sister, Dana

My friend Gina’s daughter, Petra

Tom, a neighbor of Paul and Marge

Brian and P.R.

Eric’s cousin Annmarie and her daughter, Lucy


Lila and Petra