BBQ to celebrate the new patio!

Eric and his dad have been hard at work over the past two weeks putting a patio in our backyard (in 100 degree temps, no less!). It came out beautifully, and its hard to believe that our backyard is the same one that we formerly called “the jungle”. It looks so great. We invited a bunch of friends and family over on Saturday to break it in.

Our friends, Travis and Brian

Brian and Erika, who is 15 weeks pregnant!

Lila’s cousin, P.R., in between Brian and Fernando

Petey, who we toured with on “Rock of Ages”

Lila, checking out the new bottle opener

Lila and Nana

Aunt Maryliz and Lila

Eric’s dad Paul and his neighbor, Eugene

Eric’s cousin Kelsey and his sister, Dana

My friend Gina’s daughter, Petra

Tom, a neighbor of Paul and Marge

Brian and P.R.

Eric’s cousin Annmarie and her daughter, Lucy


Lila and Petra


The last few days in California

Father’s Day was the day after Lucy’s birthday party. Our family and Dave’s dad and brother met up at the Duke of Edinbugh (my favorite pub) for lunch. Oh yeah, Father’s day was also my birthday 🙂

Lucy at the Duke

Everyone at Father’s Day lunch at the Duke

Father’s Day lunch at the Duke

Eric and Lila at the Duke

On Monday we all went to Roaring Camp and went on a train ride through the redwoods. We used to go there a lot as kids – it was fun being back there all these years later with our own kids!

Becky and Lucy waiting for the train

Lucy, Dave and Simon being dorks

Lila on the train

The entrance to Roaring Camp

My friends had one more BBQ before we left town – this one was at Erika’s house. It was so great seeing a bunch of our guy friends and having the opportunity to catch up with them. I hate not seeing everyone all the time! Lila was the only kid there for a long time (until Steve showed up with his kids) and she did so well!

Old friends are the best friends: Erica, Steve, Bryan, me and Lila,David, Erika, Mary.

Lila and Mary

Before we left we shipped a lot of hand-me-downs home for Lila – books, clothes and DOLLS! Mostly MY dolls! Before we packed them up, we sat Lila on the couch with all of them.

It was really sad to say goodbye. I hate that California and New York are not right next to each other. Oh well. Until next year!

A few random cute photos leftover from the trip:

Lucy’s birthday party!

While we were in California, Lucy turned TWO! I’m so happy we were able to be there for her birthday party. My brother Nick flew up for the weekend, too. It was so nice having everyone all together! It was SO hot the day of the party. Becky had lots of drinks on hand and a kiddie pool set up for the little ones. Lila put her feet in the pool, but wasn’t a big fan of being splashed by the bigger kids, so she didn’t stay in for long. After a few hours we went back to my parents’ house and went in their pool. It was Lila’s first time in a swimming pool and she did great! We had bought a baby float, and she loved floating around. She even kicked her legs instinctively!

Lila, dressed for the party.

Lila, with Nick, at Lucy’s party.

Lucy playing with bubbles at her party

Costume change after going in the kiddie pool

Lila’s first time in the pool!


California trip, continued.

We spent much of the week hanging out with family. One day we went to Hakone Gardens, a Japanese garden in Saratoga (where my sister got married) to walk around the gardens and feed the fish. Then we went out for Mexican food in Los Altos.

Lucy and my parents

Lila at lunch

Lila had lots of fun hanging out with Uncle Simon (the baby whisperer) during the week, and playing with Jack, my parents’ dog.

Lucy was at my parents’ house almost every day, so she and Lila had lots of time to hang out.

While we were in California, Lila went on a swing for the first time – she loved it!

Later in the week we went to Happy Hollow (a children’s zoo) with my parents, my sister Becky, her husband Dave, Lucy and Simon.

Lucy and Simon at Happy Hollow

Lucy trying to brush one of the goats

One afternoon, Eric, Lila and I went for a hike. Eric wore Lila in the babycarrier on his back, and she fell asleep for most of it.

Toward the end of the week, Eric went over to Becky and Dave’s to help Dave with some landscaping in the backyard in preparation for Lucy’s birthday party that weekend. I was able to meet up with my old friends, Gina and Dawn, and meet Dawn’s new baby, Holly. Holly was so wee! I can’t believe Lila was ever that small!


Lila, dressed to go out for lunch.

Even more photos of our trip in the next post!

Visiting California!

In June, Lila took her first airplane flight to California (with Eric and I) to visit our family out there. We had such a great time staying with my parents and spending lots of time with my siblings. Lila loved everybody, and especially her cousin, Lucy. They were so sweet together!

Lila and Lucy with Uncle Simon

Lila and Lucy with Uncle Simon

We arrived late on a Friday night, so our first real day in town was a Saturday. Of course the first thing on the agenda was a trip to our favorite pizza place, Cicero’s! (Lila is wearing a Cicero’s onesie in the above photos). On Sunday, my friend Fin and her husband, Mike, hosted a BBQ at their new house. It was so nice to see some of my oldest friends, and it was great to see our kids together!

Erika and Lila

Tristin’s daughter, Riley

Fin’s son, Evan

Eating mum mums at Fin’s

My oldest friends: Kathy, Fin, Tristin, Mary, Erika and me

Lila was not a fan of the kiddie pool 🙂

In the sunshine at Fin’s

On Monday, Eric, Lila and I drove over to Santa Cruz. I wanted to show them my favorite town! We went downtown and walked around, drove around the campus at UC Santa Cruz so Eric could see where I worked at Shakespeare Santa Cruz, had burgers at a new burger place, drove by the lighthouse, and went to Natural Bridges Beach. Lila saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

Lila at lunch in Santa Cruz

At the beach

Eric and Lila at Natural Bridges

With Lila at the beach

Lila loves the beach!

More of our trip photos to be continued next post!

This week…

It rained a lot.

Lila has gotten really good at sitting. She loves sitting and playing with her toys.

I love our mornings. Lila plays, I catch up on blogs and email.

Lila’s crib gymnastics have been getting rather spectacular as of late. I found her down the other end of the crib the other morning, covered in toys.

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend. We went to a party at the Beer Garden in Astoria on Saturday, a BBQ in Long Island City on Sunday, and then grilled in the driveway with Nana and Pops (Eric’s parents) on Monday. Good times.

Eric seeded the lawns and our rose bush bloomed!

Lila is now also eating the following new foods: carrots, zucchini, peaches, apples, bananas. Yum!

Lila and Eric are still enjoying their “Top Gear” marathons.

Mostly we’re just having a good time hanging out, going for walks & running errands.

Happy times over here!

Weekend in Copake

Eric’s family has a house up in Copake, NY (about two hours north of here), and we all went up there for a few days last weekend. It snowed so we mostly stayed inside and ate good food and drank lots of wine, but there was also some opportunities to do things outside, too. Eric and I went out on one of the four wheelers on Saturday, and we also had some target practice with a couple of guns that Eric keeps up at the house. On Friday night, we had our first date night out alone since Lila was born! Nana and Pops were happy to babysit, and Lila was a good girl and slept the whole time. Eric and I had a yummy dinner at a restaurant called the Old Mill. Lila had fun hanging out with her grandparents all weekend, and she also had her first trek outside in the snow (she didn’t like that as much!). Tallulah also had a nice weekend, lounging by the fire and dodging Riley (Eric’s dog). We had such a nice time that we are going back next weekend 🙂

Lila hanging out with Nana

Eric, cutting down a very high-up branch from the tree


The view from the kitchen

The side of the house

Shooting things

Eric taking aim

Me and Lila in the snow

With Eric on the four-wheeler

Four wheeler

Lila snoozing in the game room

Eric and the treehouse he built

We are still waiting on the first snow of 2012, but it has been just cold enough to keep us inside most days…which is okay – the days fly by so quickly with a baby. We have settled into a routine, and Lila is growing faster and faster by the minute. She is sleeping fairly well now and starting to become more and more aware and communicative during the day. She smiles, and holds full conversations with us using words like “guh” and “agoo”. She has been introduced to the wonder of “Yo Gabba Gabba” and will sit through a twenty minute episode with a smile on her face, kicking her legs along with the music. Her little personality is really starting to come out.

Tummy time is still a much disliked activity, but Lila is starting to tolerate it more and more. Her neck is plenty strong from looking out the window over my shoulder while we sit on the couch in the living room. She has yet to roll over, but I am more than okay with that. For now I can still put her down on the couch or the bed or the changing table, and know that she isn’t going anywhere.

Lila is growing like a weed! Not a wee newborn anymore! She still fits into many of her newborn outfits, but I have had to start pulling some smaller items out of her clothing rotation. Makes me sad! She is moving into 3 month size clothing.

I’m finding that Lila can really only tolerate one outing per day – whether it be the grocery store or a walk around the neighborhood. If you try to run more than one errand while you are out with her, she gets crabby. She is not crazy about the carseat. One errand is okay, but if you have to get her in and out of the carseat more than once, she is not a happy camper. She likes the stroller, and also likes to be in a carrier – to a certain extent. I wear her in a carrier when I grocery shop, and sometimes when we go for walks, but Lila doesn’t really like to be in a carrier in the house. I just got a ring sling which I really like – I’m hoping she learns to tolerate it a bit more at home – it would make doing things around the house much easier if I could wear her in the sling.

I’m still trying to get Lila to learn how to take a pacifier – I think it would help soothe her at times, but so far she’s not really interested in it. She loves her bedroom – which she doesn’t sleep in yet (she sleeps in a little cradle next to our bed) – but we play in there a lot, and this week she hung out in the crib in her room for about a half an hour while I dried my hair. She seemed happy – I want to work towards her taking naps in that crib fairly soon.

My best friend Michele came to town for a short visit last weekend to meet Lila. We had lunch at a pub down the street and Lila was a champ – she sat in my lap and put up with all the noise of everyone watching the football game. She wore a pretty hand knit sweater that Michele made for her.

Yesterday was Lila’s 2 month visit to the pediatrician, and also her first vaccinations. She now weighs 11 lbs, 11 oz and is 23 inches long. Her first shot was no biggie, but the second one elicited major screams and tears. It was so sad! She got a Snoopy bandaid and a Tweetie Bird bandaid, took a long nap when we got home, was fussy for a few hours, but by this morning she was all better. Poor thing!

Tallulah is being a very respectful kitty sibling. She is very interested in all the baby toys, but she gives Lila her space. As soon as Lila is in bed though, all bets are off – that is Tallulah’s time! And she lets us know it. She needs her lovin’ in the evenings for sure. Her health is still touch and go but she is on an upswing at the moment. She loves the extra space that we have in the house (as opposed to my apartment) and her favorite place to nap is on the rocker in Lila’s room. She also loves looking out our front window.

As for Eric and I, we are doing great. Eric is doing a lot of work with his dad (who is a contractor), and I will be going back to “Rock of Ages” on Broadway in March, as a stage manager sub. We are continuing to work on the house and other side projects. We are looking forward to taking Lila on her first trip upstate in the next couple of weeks. We are definitely keeping busy!

Here’s hoping we get a little dusting of snow soon. I want to try out my new snow boots!



Back to Reality

I can’t believe its already been a month since the tour closed – life has been busy, busy, busy.

My parents and my brother Simon came for a visit at the beginning of August. It was great to see them and they brought lots of cute things for the baby! It was also the first time they were able to meet Eric’s family – we had dinner at their house on Long Island and it was such a nice time – so great for our families to finally meet! We also spent one lovely afternoon driving up through the lower Hudson River Valley. We visited an old house called Boscobel and had lunch in Cold Springs.

The view of the Hudson from Boscobel

The week after my family left, I went with Eric and his parents to their house upstate in Copake for the week. We spent all week making things for the baby. Eric was working day and night down in the garage building a dresser for the nursery, and I set myself up on the screened-in porch making a quilt for the crib. It was a really relaxing week, and over the weekend, some of Eric’s friends joined us, which was fun. There was lots of eating, drinking, four-wheeling and shooting of shotguns 🙂 Tallulah came with me and even she and Eric’s dog Riley were getting along swimmingly by the end of the weekend.

Working on the quilt on the porch

Finished baby quilt

Eric working into the night on the dresser

Eric working on the dresser

Dresser top

Finished dresser

Eric and his friend Christiana shooting at clays

About two weeks ago the former tenants left and we finally were able to get possession of the house we are moving into! It was in pretty bad shape when Eric and his dad first went in, so they decided a complete renovation was the best way to go. Within a week they had all the walls and ceilings torn down. I went over there to take a look and to start brainstorming ideas for a new kitchen and bathroom. There is a lot to be done, but hopefully it will all come together before the baby is born. I’m getting more than a bit anxious about being so transient right now when we are so close to having the baby, but I’m trying to be patient. I really want to start working on a nursery though! And I would really like to spend the last weeks of my pregnancy focusing on the baby and the birth and just being generally low-stress. I’m having anxiety dreams about everything being in boxes when the baby is born and not even being able to find a diaper. Must take deep breaths. I know it will all be okay.

My landlord in Manhattan is also not being very accommodating about extending my lease one month until the end of the year (currently my lease is up on November 30th – 9 days after the baby’s due date). He is only agreeing to a two-month extension, until the end of January, which we really don’t need. We will likely be in the house in December, so spending that money on rent on a place in Manhattan, seems like such a waste. On the other hand, if the baby is late, I am not excited about the prospect of driving to the hospital from Long Island, while in labor, which can take up to two hours in traffic. I haven’t decided what the best course of action is yet.

I’m so thankful that my actual pregnancy has been relatively easy, because the logistical details of my life during it, have definitely been anything but! First, trying to get proper pre-natal care while touring around the country, and now trying to work out a plan for a house renovation and move in the third trimester. Its been a bit tiring. I’m so excited about our house though, and I know it will be wonderful when its done. I am so looking forward to Christmas, when we are in the house, the baby is here, and we can just enjoy our new family.


Dining room-to-be

Living room-to-be

The front of the house

Its nice being back in New York City. I’m enjoying being back in my apartment and sleeping in my own bed. I’ve been working a little bit at “Rock of Ages” on Broadway as a sub stage manager. There are a quite a few tour cast members working there now, so it almost feels like we never closed. I’m going to continue working until the end of September, and then call it quits for the duration of the pregnancy. I’m already getting pretty big to be backstage!

On 5th Avenue, near Union Square

Waiting for the subway

Times Square, the day before Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene came and went without much incident in New York City. All the Broadway shows were canceled for the weekend. I went and bought lots of bottled water and canned food and candles, anticipating that we would lose power at some point, but we were really lucky here. Aside from a leak through my bedroom wall, there wasn’t any other damage done to my apartment. I did tape my windows, just in case of high winds, like many people around the neighborhood did. I went for a walk in the afternoon after the storm passed, and there were quite a few trees down, but otherwise Washington Heights fared okay. I know a lot of friends in New Jersey and on Long Island who had a lot of trouble with flooding and power outages. Eric’s parents lost power for a day. Our house on Long Island was luckily okay – no leaks or anything. We were really lucky!

Windows taped for Irene

Captured water from the leak in my wall

Trees down in Washington Heights

The sunset after Irene passed by

Other things happening in these parts: Tallulah is doing okay. She had a wellness check a couple of weeks ago and her white cells are down again. She’s been really picky about her food, too – but I’ve found some new foods that she seems to be enjoying. She’s been a bit lethargic lately, but she is hanging in there. Hopefully she’ll come around and perk back up. She’s a fighter.

I’ve been making more things for the baby – I finished another sweater for her, and I’m now working on a blanket. After that, I want to sew a name banner and some bunting for her room. I’ve also been buying tons and tons of baby supplies – I’ve purchased most things on our registry now. If I can’t be setting up a nursery, at least I can have everything bought and ready to go for when we do finally have a nursery to move into!

My Tallulah

Baby Kimono Sweater

Finally, I leave you with a photo of me at 28 weeks pregnant – third trimester, woah! The baby will be here before we know it!