Eight months old!

July 14, 2012.

Where is the time going? We had a BBQ yesterday and there was a 2.5 month old baby there, and I can’t believe you were ever that small!

Lila, this has been such a fun month! We flew home from California, and you were an ANGEL! You only napped about an hour, but you entertained yourself the rest of the flight – and flirted with the lady sitting behind us 🙂

This month you have been eating more and more foods. You have discovered the magical puff and you are completely in love with yogurt. You also like strawberries!

You are still struggling to try and crawl, but we know you’ll get there when you are ready. You are super chatty and love saying “dada” over and over again, although you’ve also added “baba” to your repertoire.

You are such a sweet girl who loves hugs, raspberries on your tummy, snorts in your ear, petting your kitty cat, dancing in your doorway jumper and going really high and fast on the swing.

We love you so much, Lila Girl!



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