The last few days in California

Father’s Day was the day after Lucy’s birthday party. Our family and Dave’s dad and brother met up at the Duke of Edinbugh (my favorite pub) for lunch. Oh yeah, Father’s day was also my birthday 🙂

Lucy at the Duke

Everyone at Father’s Day lunch at the Duke

Father’s Day lunch at the Duke

Eric and Lila at the Duke

On Monday we all went to Roaring Camp and went on a train ride through the redwoods. We used to go there a lot as kids – it was fun being back there all these years later with our own kids!

Becky and Lucy waiting for the train

Lucy, Dave and Simon being dorks

Lila on the train

The entrance to Roaring Camp

My friends had one more BBQ before we left town – this one was at Erika’s house. It was so great seeing a bunch of our guy friends and having the opportunity to catch up with them. I hate not seeing everyone all the time! Lila was the only kid there for a long time (until Steve showed up with his kids) and she did so well!

Old friends are the best friends: Erica, Steve, Bryan, me and Lila,David, Erika, Mary.

Lila and Mary

Before we left we shipped a lot of hand-me-downs home for Lila – books, clothes and DOLLS! Mostly MY dolls! Before we packed them up, we sat Lila on the couch with all of them.

It was really sad to say goodbye. I hate that California and New York are not right next to each other. Oh well. Until next year!

A few random cute photos leftover from the trip:


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