Seven months old!

Lila, this was such a big month for you! You took your first plane flight to California (which is why this photo is not in your usual chair). You did OKAY on the plane. After fussing for two hours, you did finally fall asleep for four hours, which gave mama and daddy a nice break! You are currently in California, visiting all of mama’s family. You’ve met so many people, including your cousin Lucy, who you think is SO funny! You are doing really well sleeping in a new room and a new bed, and adjusting to the time change. You even caught your first cold, poor thing, but you are in pretty good spirits nonetheless.

This month you also started eating all sorts of fruits and vegetables. So far you have had: pears, apples, bananas, mango, peaches, avocado, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and prunes. You also have had Jamba Juice smoothies twice, and loved them!

You are sitting unaided now, and want to crawl so badly! Sleep has been interesting since you insist on rolling over and over and over.

You also got your first two teeth this month! You were a bit fussy for a few days, but not too bad! You also started saying “Dada” this month. You say it over and over again. We love your little voice!

Happy 7 months baby girl!



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