This week…

It rained a lot.

Lila has gotten really good at sitting. She loves sitting and playing with her toys.

I love our mornings. Lila plays, I catch up on blogs and email.

Lila’s crib gymnastics have been getting rather spectacular as of late. I found her down the other end of the crib the other morning, covered in toys.

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend. We went to a party at the Beer Garden in Astoria on Saturday, a BBQ in Long Island City on Sunday, and then grilled in the driveway with Nana and Pops (Eric’s parents) on Monday. Good times.

Eric seeded the lawns and our rose bush bloomed!

Lila is now also eating the following new foods: carrots, zucchini, peaches, apples, bananas. Yum!

Lila and Eric are still enjoying their “Top Gear” marathons.

Mostly we’re just having a good time hanging out, going for walks & running errands.

Happy times over here!


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