Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago I moved to New York City. I had no job and about $2000 to my name, but I had a place to live, good friends, and big dreams. That first summer I worked on my first Broadway show, spent every night under the stars (and with the stars) doing Shakespeare in Central Park, and I started my own theater company with four dear friends. I haven’t looked back since. I’m so glad I came.

Taking the train to NYC from California

Michele on the train to NYC

Arriving at Penn Station - April 28, 2002.

First day as a New Yorker.

The living room of my first NYC apartment (in Astoria), decorated for my birthday.

My beloved Christopher and Steven. Christopher was my roommate for the first two years I lived in NYC.

Christopher and Steven, Summer of 2002.

Two more dear friends from those early NYC days - Michael and Ryan, on a cruise around the Hudson.

With Steven at Coney Island.

With my gay husband, Christopher, at an opening night of Shakespeare in the Park.

One of my first two jobs in the city, working as a PA on "Twelfth Night" at Shakespeare in the Park.

Oh New York, I love you so.


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