First solid food!

Yesterday Lila had her first “solid” food (“solid” is a very loose term, as it was mostly breast milk mixed with a tiny bit of rice cereal). We used Earth’s Best Whole Grain Rice Cereal. Our pediatrician recommends starting with rice cereal and then after a couple of days moving on to oatmeal, and then alternating until the box of rice cereal runs out. After that we can stick to just oatmeal. This month of rice cereal and oatmeal is mainly just to “practice eating”. Next month we start with all the fun stuff – fruits and veggies! I love our pediatrician’s take on solid foods – she advocates babies eating a mix of purees and food in its natural form (i.e. a stalk of broccoli, etc.). She wants us to be creative and adventurous to promote the same qualities in Lila’s feelings for food. Our pediatrician is also big on feeding your child foods that you eat, especially ones that are native to your culture – if you eat curry, then feed your kid curry. Lila loved the cereal – I’m so excited to start adding other foods to her diet!


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