Five months old!

Oh my gosh Lila, so much is happening this month! You are hitting some major developmental milestones – we are gearing up to start solid foods, do some sleep training, move you to your own room, and I think full-fledged teething is just around the bend. You are shoving everything in your mouth, grabbing everything within arms’ reach, rolling around and having a blast in your jumperoo. The past few days you have started sucking your thumb (!) and just last week you kicked your swaddle to the curb.

This past month we went upstate to Copake to celebrate your first Easter, Mary came for a visit and we went to Central Park and the boardwalk at Long Beach.

We assembled your high chair and you’ve been hanging out with us at the table, which is so awesome.

You continue to be such a happy, easy-going little girl. We are so excited about hanging out with you this summer!

You are now 25.3 inches tall and weigh 15 lbs 14 oz!

We love you, little buddy!


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