Four months old!

Lila, you are growing so quickly – slow down, baby! This month with you has been really fun. You are very aware of your surroundings now, so taking you places is so much easier because you are interested in what is going on around you. We go for walks almost every day. You love the stroller, and you are pretty good in the carrier, too.

You are smiling and laughing up a storm these days. You think your mom is the funniest person in the world, especially when she makes up dumb songs for you.

You went to Manhattan a couple of weeks ago for the day with mom and dad – you were a hit in our accountants’ office and then you met a bunch of our friends at Smith’s afterwards. Everyone loved you and you were such a good sport as people passed you around.

You went to your first birthday party last weekend – your cousin, Lucy 2, turned one. You were as good as gold and had a nice time with your family.

You are sitting in your Bumbo seat now, tolerating tummy time much better, making moves towards crawling (!) and you rolled over for the first time two days ago! You also think your hands are pretty much the coolest things ever. We just assembled your high chair so that you can start sitting with us at meals. You still wake up to eat a lot at night, but you go to bed every evening like clockwork between 6 and 7. Mama would be quite okay with it though if you’d like to get rid of some of those night feedings and maybe also sleep in a bit in the morning 🙂 You are at your happiest in the mornings – you chirp away to yourself, often for an hour, in your rock’n’play while mom attempts to wake up. We love our morning snuggles with you before getting up for the day.

You are wearing 3-6 month clothes now, size 2 diapers and you finally fit in size 1 shoes (so you are wearing lots of hand-me-downs from Lucy 1!). You are 24.5 inches tall and weigh 14.9 lbs.

You are our favorite thing in the world, Lila! We love you so much!


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