Day Trippin’

Last Tuesday we took the train into Manhattan with Lila to visit Linda and Trudy’s office (our accountants) to get our taxes done. Lila was dressed for the occasion.

(Her top says "I'm a little tax exemption")

Lila was a hit. She was so good – and we were there a long time – a good 2 hours, at least. Everyone loved her top. We got good news – lots of money coming back! Its nice to have a dependent!

After our tax appointment, the three of us went to midtown and met up with a bunch of our friends and tour mates from Rock of Ages at Smith’s Bar and Grill. It was so nice to see everyone! Lila had a costume change before we arrived, into her Rock of Ages “Hooray for Boobies” onesie. She was a trooper – she let everyone pass her around, and was a really good sport about it, especially considering she hadn’t napped at all yet that day. It was great to finally introduce her to everyone!

Lila and Travis

Lila and Rob

Lila and Lyn (Lila fell asleep in Lyn's arms!)

After that, Lila and I headed to Penn Station to train it home, while Eric stayed in town to work at Rock of Ages that night. It was also a successful trip for us in that it was our first trip into Manhattan without the stroller. I carried Lila in a Beco Gemini carrier. It worked out! Lila was comfortable, and I think if we had been doing more walking, she may even have napped in the carrier. I’m happy with this because it means it is totally doable to come into the city alone with Lila to meet friends (if I bring the stroller it usually requires having another person there to help carry it up and down stairs). It was a good day, but a long day, and it definitely took Lila a few days to recover from!

Lila is nearing the four month mark, and there is lots of drooling happening. No sign of teeth yet, but definitely in “pre-teething” mode, complete with some added crabbiness. Four months is supposed to be a time of sleep regression, which we are seeing a bit of. We are also seeing a bit of separation anxiety, which is a bit of a challenge as I have started back at work and there are some days when we rely on others (namely Nana or Auntie Dana) to look after Lila.

Work is going great for me. Its nice to be back, even though I miss my baby girl like crazy when I’m there! Eric has been working a lot, too – doing freelance lighting and rigging calls. I’ve stepped up my exercise routine and am slowly but surely starting to fit into all my pre-pregnancy jeans and skirts 🙂 I’m starting to feel like myself again!

The weather this winter has been strangely warm and is getting warmer still as we near spring. We have started looking at outdoor grills and patio furniture and are making plans for our front and backyards – we will be starting work on them very soon. Its all making me so excited for summer! It will be so much fun to take Lila to the beach, and hang in the backyard, and have lots of BBQs!

That’s about all the news for now. Lila sees her pediatrician on Monday, so I’ll be back soon with a weight and height update!


One thought on “Day Trippin’

  1. yay! things sound great. i am glad you are finding “the baby whisperer” helpful. this is the “method” i followed with the boys. like you i let them sleep as long as they wanted on their naps. and went out later in the day. i only “woke/disturbed” them later in the evenings to feed them as “bed time” approched to make sure they would be “full/tanked up” and sleep longer as i pushed to get them through the night. love and miss you so, xo

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