Weekend in Copake

Eric’s family has a house up in Copake, NY (about two hours north of here), and we all went up there for a few days last weekend. It snowed so we mostly stayed inside and ate good food and drank lots of wine, but there was also some opportunities to do things outside, too. Eric and I went out on one of the four wheelers on Saturday, and we also had some target practice with a couple of guns that Eric keeps up at the house. On Friday night, we had our first date night out alone since Lila was born! Nana and Pops were happy to babysit, and Lila was a good girl and slept the whole time. Eric and I had a yummy dinner at a restaurant called the Old Mill. Lila had fun hanging out with her grandparents all weekend, and she also had her first trek outside in the snow (she didn’t like that as much!). Tallulah also had a nice weekend, lounging by the fire and dodging Riley (Eric’s dog). We had such a nice time that we are going back next weekend 🙂

Lila hanging out with Nana

Eric, cutting down a very high-up branch from the tree


The view from the kitchen

The side of the house

Shooting things

Eric taking aim

Me and Lila in the snow

With Eric on the four-wheeler

Four wheeler

Lila snoozing in the game room

Eric and the treehouse he built


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