Two months old!

January 14, 2012.

Lila, we are having so much fun with you this month! You have started smiling and having conversations with us – your favorite words are “gah” and “agoo”. We love waking up to your sweet smiling face every morning. You had an eventful month with Christmas and New Year’s. You partied like a champ at all the family get togethers and were completely oblivious to all the dozens of wonderful presents you were given 🙂 We took you into Manhattan one day to meet our friends at “Rock of Ages” and we took a family photo on the set – it was your first trip to the Bourbon Room since you were born, but you spent many months there while you were still in Mommy’s tummy. I’m positive your first real words will be the lyrics to “Don’t Stop Believin'” 🙂 You are growing bigger and bigger everyday – you now weigh 11.10 lbs and are 23 inches long. We love you more and more each day!


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