We are still waiting on the first snow of 2012, but it has been just cold enough to keep us inside most days…which is okay – the days fly by so quickly with a baby. We have settled into a routine, and Lila is growing faster and faster by the minute. She is sleeping fairly well now and starting to become more and more aware and communicative during the day. She smiles, and holds full conversations with us using words like “guh” and “agoo”. She has been introduced to the wonder of “Yo Gabba Gabba” and will sit through a twenty minute episode with a smile on her face, kicking her legs along with the music. Her little personality is really starting to come out.

Tummy time is still a much disliked activity, but Lila is starting to tolerate it more and more. Her neck is plenty strong from looking out the window over my shoulder while we sit on the couch in the living room. She has yet to roll over, but I am more than okay with that. For now I can still put her down on the couch or the bed or the changing table, and know that she isn’t going anywhere.

Lila is growing like a weed! Not a wee newborn anymore! She still fits into many of her newborn outfits, but I have had to start pulling some smaller items out of her clothing rotation. Makes me sad! She is moving into 3 month size clothing.

I’m finding that Lila can really only tolerate one outing per day – whether it be the grocery store or a walk around the neighborhood. If you try to run more than one errand while you are out with her, she gets crabby. She is not crazy about the carseat. One errand is okay, but if you have to get her in and out of the carseat more than once, she is not a happy camper. She likes the stroller, and also likes to be in a carrier – to a certain extent. I wear her in a carrier when I grocery shop, and sometimes when we go for walks, but Lila doesn’t really like to be in a carrier in the house. I just got a ring sling which I really like – I’m hoping she learns to tolerate it a bit more at home – it would make doing things around the house much easier if I could wear her in the sling.

I’m still trying to get Lila to learn how to take a pacifier – I think it would help soothe her at times, but so far she’s not really interested in it. She loves her bedroom – which she doesn’t sleep in yet (she sleeps in a little cradle next to our bed) – but we play in there a lot, and this week she hung out in the crib in her room for about a half an hour while I dried my hair. She seemed happy – I want to work towards her taking naps in that crib fairly soon.

My best friend Michele came to town for a short visit last weekend to meet Lila. We had lunch at a pub down the street and Lila was a champ – she sat in my lap and put up with all the noise of everyone watching the football game. She wore a pretty hand knit sweater that Michele made for her.

Yesterday was Lila’s 2 month visit to the pediatrician, and also her first vaccinations. She now weighs 11 lbs, 11 oz and is 23 inches long. Her first shot was no biggie, but the second one elicited major screams and tears. It was so sad! She got a Snoopy bandaid and a Tweetie Bird bandaid, took a long nap when we got home, was fussy for a few hours, but by this morning she was all better. Poor thing!

Tallulah is being a very respectful kitty sibling. She is very interested in all the baby toys, but she gives Lila her space. As soon as Lila is in bed though, all bets are off – that is Tallulah’s time! And she lets us know it. She needs her lovin’ in the evenings for sure. Her health is still touch and go but she is on an upswing at the moment. She loves the extra space that we have in the house (as opposed to my apartment) and her favorite place to nap is on the rocker in Lila’s room. She also loves looking out our front window.

As for Eric and I, we are doing great. Eric is doing a lot of work with his dad (who is a contractor), and I will be going back to “Rock of Ages” on Broadway in March, as a stage manager sub. We are continuing to work on the house and other side projects. We are looking forward to taking Lila on her first trip upstate in the next couple of weeks. We are definitely keeping busy!

Here’s hoping we get a little dusting of snow soon. I want to try out my new snow boots!




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