Looking back at 2011

What a year it has been! Definitely one of the best 🙂

I traveled to eighteen cities with the “Rock of Ages” tour, with my favorite stop being Fort Lauderdale, where we rang in the new year.I also loved traveling back to California, spending weeks in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Griffith Park

Downtown San Francisco

I was able to spend time with family 🙂While we were in San Francisco, Eric and I found out we were going to have a baby!We continued to tour until I was 23 weeks pregnant. The company of “Rock of Ages” had a baby shower for us in Atlanta, GA, and we closed the tour a couple of weeks later in Washington, DC. It was nice to revisit so many cities this year that I had been to on the “Spamalot” tour, and to catch up with old friends along the way.

At our baby shower

Closing night of "Rock of Ages"

Eric and I returned to NYC, where I began working on “Rock of Ages” on Broadway as a substitute stage manager. Eric went out of town for a few weeks to work as the production electrician on the non-union tour of “Rock of Ages”. Eric and his dad began work on renovating our house on Long Island, which we moved into in October.

The nursery in our new house

On November 14th our beautiful daughter, Lila Rose, was born. The happiest day of my life!

My life is so happy and full of love because of these two:I can’t wait to see Lila grow in 2012 and to have more and more fun with her as she gets older (she is welcome to take her time with that, though!).

I don’t have a strict list of resolutions for the coming year, but I do have some goals that I will be working towards. I want to work off my baby weight and tour weight so that I can fit into my favorite jeans again. I’m brainstorming about ways to start making a business out of my photography. I want to meet local moms. I want to enjoy time with Lila and Eric. I want to read more books. I want to knit. I would like to take more video (I’ve been so inspired lately by some of the videos I’ve seen on Vimeo – so beautiful!). I want to continue to learn and work on my photography. I want to really buckle down and learn Photoshop and how to retouch photos properly. I want to learn how to use the external flash on my camera. I want to explore perhaps teaching stage management.

Here’s to an amazing 2012!


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