The Countdown to Baby Continues…

Eric has been away for the past few weeks, working on the next incarnation of the “Rock of Ages” tour. With him gone, I have been filling my time packing up my apartment, making things for the baby, and working a bit at “Rock of Ages” on Broadway.

Packing up the apartment

The progress on the house in Garden City continues. Eric’s dad has been working tirelessly to get it ready for us. The heating system is in, the walls are insulated and up and we have picked out our kitchen cabinets and countertops. When Eric gets back this week, he and his dad will get started tiling the kitchen and bathroom floors and painting the walls. We are getting there!

The nursery

The master bedroom

The living room

I’ve been working on some decor for the baby’s room – I’m making pennant flags out of fabric scraps to string around the perimeter of the room, and I finished a name banner for the wall.

We’ve also gotten some wonderful gifts for the baby – from books to clothes to some handmade blankets from Michele – we are so lucky!

I’m still feeling pretty good – big, but good. Sleeping has gotten to be a bit of a challenge, but hopefully with the help of my friend, Tylenol PM, I’ll be able to start stocking up on rest before the baby comes.  At this point I am getting weekly ultrasounds and also seeing the doctor every week. The baby is doing really well – measuring big even! Only a few more weeks to go until we meet our girl 🙂


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