Back to Reality

I can’t believe its already been a month since the tour closed – life has been busy, busy, busy.

My parents and my brother Simon came for a visit at the beginning of August. It was great to see them and they brought lots of cute things for the baby! It was also the first time they were able to meet Eric’s family – we had dinner at their house on Long Island and it was such a nice time – so great for our families to finally meet! We also spent one lovely afternoon driving up through the lower Hudson River Valley. We visited an old house called Boscobel and had lunch in Cold Springs.

The view of the Hudson from Boscobel

The week after my family left, I went with Eric and his parents to their house upstate in Copake for the week. We spent all week making things for the baby. Eric was working day and night down in the garage building a dresser for the nursery, and I set myself up on the screened-in porch making a quilt for the crib. It was a really relaxing week, and over the weekend, some of Eric’s friends joined us, which was fun. There was lots of eating, drinking, four-wheeling and shooting of shotguns 🙂 Tallulah came with me and even she and Eric’s dog Riley were getting along swimmingly by the end of the weekend.

Working on the quilt on the porch

Finished baby quilt

Eric working into the night on the dresser

Eric working on the dresser

Dresser top

Finished dresser

Eric and his friend Christiana shooting at clays

About two weeks ago the former tenants left and we finally were able to get possession of the house we are moving into! It was in pretty bad shape when Eric and his dad first went in, so they decided a complete renovation was the best way to go. Within a week they had all the walls and ceilings torn down. I went over there to take a look and to start brainstorming ideas for a new kitchen and bathroom. There is a lot to be done, but hopefully it will all come together before the baby is born. I’m getting more than a bit anxious about being so transient right now when we are so close to having the baby, but I’m trying to be patient. I really want to start working on a nursery though! And I would really like to spend the last weeks of my pregnancy focusing on the baby and the birth and just being generally low-stress. I’m having anxiety dreams about everything being in boxes when the baby is born and not even being able to find a diaper. Must take deep breaths. I know it will all be okay.

My landlord in Manhattan is also not being very accommodating about extending my lease one month until the end of the year (currently my lease is up on November 30th – 9 days after the baby’s due date). He is only agreeing to a two-month extension, until the end of January, which we really don’t need. We will likely be in the house in December, so spending that money on rent on a place in Manhattan, seems like such a waste. On the other hand, if the baby is late, I am not excited about the prospect of driving to the hospital from Long Island, while in labor, which can take up to two hours in traffic. I haven’t decided what the best course of action is yet.

I’m so thankful that my actual pregnancy has been relatively easy, because the logistical details of my life during it, have definitely been anything but! First, trying to get proper pre-natal care while touring around the country, and now trying to work out a plan for a house renovation and move in the third trimester. Its been a bit tiring. I’m so excited about our house though, and I know it will be wonderful when its done. I am so looking forward to Christmas, when we are in the house, the baby is here, and we can just enjoy our new family.


Dining room-to-be

Living room-to-be

The front of the house

Its nice being back in New York City. I’m enjoying being back in my apartment and sleeping in my own bed. I’ve been working a little bit at “Rock of Ages” on Broadway as a sub stage manager. There are a quite a few tour cast members working there now, so it almost feels like we never closed. I’m going to continue working until the end of September, and then call it quits for the duration of the pregnancy. I’m already getting pretty big to be backstage!

On 5th Avenue, near Union Square

Waiting for the subway

Times Square, the day before Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene came and went without much incident in New York City. All the Broadway shows were canceled for the weekend. I went and bought lots of bottled water and canned food and candles, anticipating that we would lose power at some point, but we were really lucky here. Aside from a leak through my bedroom wall, there wasn’t any other damage done to my apartment. I did tape my windows, just in case of high winds, like many people around the neighborhood did. I went for a walk in the afternoon after the storm passed, and there were quite a few trees down, but otherwise Washington Heights fared okay. I know a lot of friends in New Jersey and on Long Island who had a lot of trouble with flooding and power outages. Eric’s parents lost power for a day. Our house on Long Island was luckily okay – no leaks or anything. We were really lucky!

Windows taped for Irene

Captured water from the leak in my wall

Trees down in Washington Heights

The sunset after Irene passed by

Other things happening in these parts: Tallulah is doing okay. She had a wellness check a couple of weeks ago and her white cells are down again. She’s been really picky about her food, too – but I’ve found some new foods that she seems to be enjoying. She’s been a bit lethargic lately, but she is hanging in there. Hopefully she’ll come around and perk back up. She’s a fighter.

I’ve been making more things for the baby – I finished another sweater for her, and I’m now working on a blanket. After that, I want to sew a name banner and some bunting for her room. I’ve also been buying tons and tons of baby supplies – I’ve purchased most things on our registry now. If I can’t be setting up a nursery, at least I can have everything bought and ready to go for when we do finally have a nursery to move into!

My Tallulah

Baby Kimono Sweater

Finally, I leave you with a photo of me at 28 weeks pregnant – third trimester, woah! The baby will be here before we know it!


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