Getting ready for baby, part three.

The second chapter from my most awesome sister Becky. She writes:

Chapter 3: Breastfeeding, Kitchen and Bath Items


  • Lanolin (Vaseline-like ointment)
  • Lanisoh soothies (these are awesome – keep them in the fridge and they feel great!)
  • Breast pads
  • Hooter hider: Look for one with a wire at the nape that allows you to see what’s going on under the cover without using your hands
  • Boppy and two covers
  • Burp cloths
  • Breast pump (I was leant the Medela “Pump in Style”. It was great for many reasons. It is discreet and holds all your supplies inside the bag. This brand is widely sold, so there were lots of compatible parts, like bottles that were very convenient to use and store.)
  • Pump supplies: If the pump doesn’t come with these things when you buy it you should get 2 complete sets of parts (membranes, valves, breast shields and connectors, tubes)
  • Breast pump wipes: Depending on how/where you are pumping I would recommend getting breast pump wipes (I did not have easy access to a sink at work, so these were very helpful).
  • Pumping Bustier: If you want to multi-task, getting a pumping bustier is great. It’s like a bra with holes that lets you pump hands free.
  • Breastfeeding shirts and bras are really weird. You should try them on for sure to decide if it will work for you.


  • Bottles (initially you will only need bottles that are about 2oz. so these storage bottles are awesome and compatible with the Medela bottle tops)
  • Bottle warmer: I had the Munchkin one and I have to say I didn’t like it at all. I actually went through two of these and they were very inconsistent in how they heated the bottles, so I would check out the reviews on other models.
  • Bottle rack: For drying bottles, bottle parts and pacifiers
  • Dishwasher rack: Convenient way to sanitize stuff
  • Bottle brush: I like the Munchkin ones, this one, not this one (it is too wide and stiff to actually fit in most bottles – lame).
  • Formula: We bought some formula in advance “just in case,” and ended up getting tons from the hospital and randomly in the mail directly from Similac and Enfamil

Bath time:

  • Baby bath to sit in your tub (or you can just use your kitchen sink, ours was too small for this)
  • Lots of hooded towels
  • Shampoo/wash (I like Aveno and Burts Bees)
  • Washcloths



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