Home for a week

This week we had off from the show. Eric and I spent the first three days driving my car from Denver to New York City. We decided it was best to leave my car at his parents’ house for the rest of the tour (only three more weeks) and I will just fly with the company for the remaining two cities. It was a long drive over those three days, but since we were together and able to trade off driving responsibilities, it really wasn’t so bad. We arrived in NYC on Wednesday afternoon.

The open road

On the highway

At dusk

We spent most of the day on Thursday in Long Island, visiting with Eric’s family and friends,  and driving around the area checking things out. We are moving there some time this fall – here is the house we will be living in (we’ll be in the downstairs level which is a 2-bedroom with a basement. The upstairs is a separate apartment):

On Friday we had our 20-week ultrasound. The baby’s measurements look great and we are definitely having a girl! She was being pretty shy when the tech was trying to get 3D photos – she kept putting her hands over her face-  so we didn’t get a really good look at her on the 3D cam, but that’s okay. I’m just glad she’s healthy and that everything is on track. My blood pressure was high again at my second doctor’s appointment, but Dr. Jackson is convinced it was partially because we had just walked across the park from the east side in the heat, and partially some white coat syndrome. We checked my blood pressure monitor against hers, and it is accurate, so as long as I am getting normal readings at home, she is not worried.

Here are some of the ultrasound pics:

Feets 🙂

Hands up to face

Fists up - in 3D

Tomorrow I am off to Atlanta for a week and then Washington DC for two weeks. Then home for good! Can’t wait to be here permanently and start getting things ready for the baby!


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