Houston and a trip to New York

I have very few photos to share of Houston – in fact I think I took two the whole week I was there. I just haven’t been feeling it with the photography lately, which is very weird for me. Maybe its the heat, maybe its because the walk to the theater from our hotels in the past two cities has been substantial (so I haven’t been wanting to carry extra things with me, like a camera), maybe I’m just uninspired by Texas, who knows. What I do know is that I hope I get my photo mojo back soon. I think having the pressure of photo projects (year in pictures and the archive project) isn’t really helping either. I’d rather just take photos when I feel inspired – so I may abandon those projects, or at least take a break. We’ll see.

Anyway, I was in Houston for a week with “Rock of Ages”, and I have nothing much to report about Houston. It is as bland as I remember it. Eric and I mainly used our free afternoons to run errands, like checking out strollers at Babies R Us. I’m kind of obsessed with strollers right now 🙂 We also made a couple of trips to this awesome seafood joint, Goode Company Seafood,  that I was introduced to by Keith Reese when I was here with “Spamalot”. In fact, one of the two photos I took this week was at Goode Company:

Its in an old train car, and the food is REAL good. Check it out if you are ever in Houston.

Other than that, I pretty much spent the week getting ready to head back to New York. Leanne, the girlfriend of our head electrician Petey, came in to train to be my cover for my week off. One of the highlights of the work week was the premiere of “Waiting for Shankman” – an original song and music video written and directed by three of our swings as a plea to Adam Shankman, the director of the movie of “Rock of Ages” (and a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance”) to put our cast in the movie. 24 hours after this video was posted on YouTube, Adam Shankman had already seen it and written about it on Twitter. We’ll see if our cast actually ends up in the movie 🙂

On Monday I took off on an early flight to New York. Originally I planned to take off a whole week because I thought I would be getting an amniocentesis and would need the time to recoup before flying back to Houston. In the end I decided against doing the amnio, but took the whole week off work anyway to get some rest and chill out at my apartment in New York.

The week has been great. Lots of rest, a couple of doctors appointments, and a trip to Buy Buy Baby to look at more strollers 🙂 I’ve also started really paying attention to what strollers people are using in Manhattan. I definitely want to pick a city-friendly model.

The highlight of the week was getting my 16 week anatomy ultrasound on Tuesday. Our little baby was all curled up, so the tech had a little trouble making out the gender but she is pretty sure it is a girl! I am going to try and restrain myself from buying anything pink until our follow-up ultrasound on July 1st when they will confirm the sex. The baby’s measurements all look great and the heartbeat is strong and fast. My blood pressure was high, unfortunately, at my appointment today, so I may have to go back on blood pressure meds. Stupid blood pressure. At least the baby is doing great 🙂

One more day in the city tomorrow and then back to Houston on Saturday. I am hanging out with my good friend Lyn tomorrow, which I am super psyched about and then Tanya meets me in Houston on Saturday to help me drive to Denver. Nothing better than good friends! Denver will be a blast, too. Two weeks there and lots of old friends to catch up with. The last week of June, we have another layoff from the show, so Eric and I are driving my car back to New York and spending a few more days here. We have the follow-up ultrasound, where they will be doing 3-D pictures, so we will be able to see our baby’s face! How cool is that?

In the meantime I am trying to stay cool. Today in NYC it was hotter than in Houston – crazy!



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