Getting ready for baby

My most awesome sister has started sending me a series of emails about what to buy/acquire for the baby. She is going to be starting her own blog soon with this kind of information, but until her site is live, I thought I would share her emails with you as I have found them so helpful. Maybe other mamas-to-be out there will find them helpful, too.

She is sending me the information in chapters. Chapter One is “Changing and Sleeping”. Here it is:

Written by my sister, Becky:

Chapter 1: Changing table and sleeping must-have according to ME

Changing Table Must-Haves

  • Diapers and wipes, obviously
  • Disposable changing pads: They’re like a giant paper towel. We used these on top of our nice changing pad cover for the first couple months. Not only were the poops bigger and giant blowouts more frequent, we were still learning the art of changing. Sometimes using 50 wipes and being able to scoop the whole mess up with a disposable pad was awesome – especially for Dave!
  • A magical distraction item: A mobile is great to start off with, but you will eventually have to graduate to something the baby can hold.
  • Lotion (I like Aquafor, Burt’s Bees and Aveno)
  • Vaseline : Not much, we only use it for temperature taking – yikes
  • Diaper rash cream (I like California Baby)
  • Hairbrush
  • Comb
  • Nail clippers
  • Q-Tips
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Diaper Genie (go for the deluxe model – it’s only a bit more expensive and it’s taller and has a foot pedal)

For our changing table we just secured changing pad to the top of a dresser. This way she can keep using the furniture piece as she grows. You can also use the top drawer to store extra diapers and little things like a thermometer, scissors, nail clippers, hair ties, etc.). Having all the clothes stored so close by is also super convenient.
 For bed time:

  • Some kind of crib, bassinet or Pack n’ Play with the appropriate mattress and sheets: Note the user reviews when buying a crib to see if anyone comments that you need an irregular mattress size because that is a huge pain in the ass. If you haven’t already, check out the sweet selection of custom baby bedding on ETSY! (What not to buy: We have never needed rubber sheets since the mattress is plastic on the outside and can be wiped clean)
  • SwaddleMe: Rent or buy The Happiest Baby on the Block, it’s amazing! Swaddling worked really well for us since it was very soothing for Lucy. Also, since it is recommended you don’t put blankets on young babies, we didn’t worry if she was cold as much. The SwaddleMe’s make it SUPER easy and rarely come undone. Buy more than one in case one gets wet! Also buy both the fleece version and the jersey version so you have a choice depending on temperature.
  • PJs: Get lots of PJs. These usually only last one night and the laundry can pile up quickly.
  • A very snug hat: We worried ALL the time Lucy was too cold
  • White noise/natural sound maker: In our room our alarm clock had ocean sounds and that was perfect. Now we use the Cloud B sound machine (Lucy likes the whale sounds, just like The Big Lubowski).
  • Humidifier
  • Itzbeen: I first saw this at a friends house and thought it seemed a bit unnecessary. Um, NO. When Lucy was young I would constantly wake up in the middle of the night and think – oh my god – it’s been HOURS since I fed her! Only to look at the timer and see it had only been 30 minutes. I was so tired this thing saved my sanity, always giving me a foolproof way of knowing when it was time to eat and sleep. It also helped me when breastfeeding because I could easily see when the 15 minutes (or whatever) were up and I could stop nursing. There’s even a little switch to mark what side you have just nursed from. Additionally Dave REALLY benefited from it, too. He would wake up in the night in a panic asking, “Is she breathing?” I could flip on the nice little nightlight and check without ever disturbing her. Lastly, the timer helped me track her patterns. Since I had to take such a short maternity leave, I wanted to be able to leave Dave easy instructions based on my observations about her schedule that I logged in a notebook.

Initially you don’t need much since it is safer that way. I would totally recommend having the bassinet shipped out to you. Even if you guys have a crib in your room at your apartment, being able to rock the baby to sleep is SO much easier. I kept the bassinet next to me until Lucy was 6 months old. Any time she woke up and just needed some soothing, being able to barely wake up and just reach out to rock her was a lifesaver. (What we didn’t end up using: sleep positioner (maybe she was just a good sleeper, but with the swaddling we never worried about her rolling over too soon)


So there it is! Pretty great list, huh? I’ll be sure to share as more chapters roll in 🙂

And now I leave you with a belly shot. Le Belleh at 13 weeks!


3 thoughts on “Getting ready for baby

  1. You look gorgeous! Becky’s advice is fantastic! About those pj’s…may wanna invest in a lot with zipper fronts, if you can find them. When you’re sleep deprived and your little darling explodes out of yet another set of pj’s at 4am, snaps are the devil. 😉

  2. Wow! Your sister’s list is pretty great. If you don’t already have one, instead of a bassinet we used the Fischer Price Rock & Play Sleeper instead of a bassinet. Riley (and I) lived this, kept her at a slight incline (which is great when ur lil one gets her first cold), folds up (great for travel/ taking to in laws), light weight (great for moving to other rooms in the house). We also bought a few smaller waterproof sheet protectors you’ll definitely appreciate them during late night blow outs or spitups. a tip I learned is to layer protector, sheet, protector, sheet so should a mess occur at the crack of dawn (and they will) you can just pull off the first layer and deal with sheet changing & cleanup, etc in the morning. 🙂

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