Los Angeles

I’m going to be keeping my posts pretty much pictorial in nature for a while. I’m not having the best time out on the road right now. Trying to find the positive in all my travels, though. LA was a stressful place to do the show – lots of people coming to see it, lots of big names, lots of the producers, lots of press. Everyone was really amped the whole two weeks, and not always in a good way. I love Los Angeles, but I didn’t love doing the show there. I’m glad to be spending this week in sleepy Orange County before heading up to San Francisco, which I know will be busy, too. I did get to see some dear friends while in LA though (Chris and Sean and Karen and Paula – it was awesome hanging with all of you), I did eat some fantastic food, and there was of course, some hiking. And yes, I did get to see Tom Cruise in person after the show one night. And get in a group photo with him (its on my FB page if you must see it). Otherwise, I just tried to avoid the Oscar traffic (we were staying a block from the Kodak) and stay sane. Here are the pics:

Hollywood sign


At the Observatory

Griffith Observatory


Pantages Theater


Pantages ceiling


Final show for Joey Calveri


Rebecca and Angela at the Cat and Fiddle


Outside the Pantages at night


Wildflowers and the view of the Hollywood sign from Runyon Canyon


LA, seen from Griffith Observatory


A telescope at the Observatory


Runyon Canyon


Runyon Canyon


The view from Mount Hollywood


Grasses on the Hollywood sign hiking trail


Hiking Mount Hollywood


Hiking to the Hollywood sign


Above the Hollywood sign


At the Rainbow Room, the inspiration for the Bourbon Room in "Rock of Ages"


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