For now, I think my posts are going to be mostly photos and less writing. Its easier for me that way – time-wise, and also so I don’t write things I shouldn’t. Its hard when your personal life is so wrapped up with your work – you can’t really write about one without the other, and there’s just a lot that the internet doesn’t need to know.

Seattle was great, if not too short. I wish we could have played there for two weeks at least. I loved seeing my dear friend Bret again, and I had a great time speaking at the undergraduate stage management class he teaches at University of Washington. I also loved walking around Seattle, visiting the market and the sculpture garden and taking the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. I even bought some yarn for the first time on this tour! The Seattle audiences were great – it was an all-around happy week in the rainy Northwest (actually we had a couple of beautiful sunny days, only the day on Bainbridge Island was overcast).

The show is going through lots of changes at the moment, gearing up for the big LA opening, a new production stage manager, and a number of our cast members leaving. A few going to the Broadway ROA company and a few moving on to other things. It seems like we were just in rehearsals in New York – too recently for such changes to be happening. I feel like the tour never really settled into a groove – with the layoffs and the holidays and now all these staff changes. And rumors of even bigger changes. But this is why I shouldn’t and can’t write on this blog. Too much that the internet doesn’t need to know. Anyway. At the moment we are still truckin’ along, and I’m trying to take it one day at a time.

Here is Seattle in photos:

Downtown Seattle

Theater posters near the Market St. Theater box office

People adding to the infamous gum wall

The gum wall outside the Market St. Theater box office

Fruit stand at Pike Place Market

Musicians at the market

Musician outside the original Starbucks

Inside the Paramount Theater

Inside the Paramount Theater

Visiting the gum wall again - Post Alley

At Olympic Sculpture Park

By the water

A little peek of Mount Rainier

Chilly day self-portrait

On the ferry approaching Bainbridge Island

On the ferry

Beautiful Olympic range beyond the ferry

The view of the Space Needle from the waterfront

The waterfront, downtown beyond.



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