Layoff Week: Road Trip to Los Angeles

Well, the week off was not so restful for me. A crazy winter storm hit two-thirds of the U.S. and try as I might to outrun it, I failed. I drove from Louisville to Dallas on Monday, then woke up Tuesday to find an ice storm had hit Dallas. There was a thick layer of ice over all the roads so I was only able to drive about 25-30 mph on the highway because it was so treacherous. There were cars and trucks wrecked everywhere. I wanted to get to Santa Fe on Tuesday, but that didn’t happen. I only made it as far as Amarillo. I was really disappointed as I had pre-paid for my hotel in Santa Fe, and had to cancel a spa appointment that I had scheduled at a really awesome place called 10,000 Waves 😦 On Wednesday I continued to Santa Fe, and was able to spend the afternoon having a nice lunch and then watching movies in my lovely hotel room. It was unfortunately too cold to really spend any time outside (it was -2 degrees F). On Thursday I drove to Flagstaff, where I had dinner at the Beaver Street Brewery, and then on Saturday I made it across the desert to Los Angeles. I spent all day Saturday with my dear friends Chris and Sean, and then on Sunday I flew to Seattle. A whirlwind week of travel! Here it is in pictures:

Snowy fields in Texas

Snowy Texas

Another snowy landscape


Approaching Santa Fe

Snowy downtown Santa Fe

A church in Santa Fe

Tallulah sunbathing at the hotel in Santa Fe

A rest stop in New Mexico

Driving from New Mexico to Arizona

Catching some rays at a gas station

On the road

Prickly foliage in Arizona

The open highway

The lemon tree in Chris and Sean's yard

Lucas, Chris and Sean's dog.

Sean and Lucas

Chris feeding his chickens

Sunset in LA

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The Paramount Theater in Seattle

Pkie Place Market


One thought on “Layoff Week: Road Trip to Los Angeles

  1. If it wasn’t for the car and that one dude walking, your picture of the Paramount would look like something from the 30’s.
    I love your pictures.

    miss ya lady

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