I honestly don’t have much to say about the week in Orlando. A lot of stuff happened at work, big changes. I have a new boss now. But I don’t really feel like I can write much about it here as this is such a public space. Again I am having thoughts of making this blog private, for friends and family only, so that I can really write about what’s going on in my life and not just “I went here and did this. I went there and did that”. But on the other hand, I know that having a password protected blog is kind of a pain in the ass for those who keep up with me through blog readers. I don’t know…thoughts anyone?

Spamalot tag on the wall of the Bob Carr Theater in Orlando

So yeah, Orlando. Orlando the town feels like Texas to me. It doesn’t seem Florida-like at all. There’s no water. There’s no sand. There are some cute neighborhoods, but really, if you are not in town to go to Disney or Universal, there’s not a whole lot more going on. Especially if you are staying next to the theater, like we were – the area really  is a no-man’s land. Which makes me so thankful that I decided to buy a car for this tour. No more being stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat but room service.

Our general manager came into town for a few days and so there were a couple of shindigs while she was around. We had a crew drinks night on Tuesday which started out disastrously when we were driven to a loud-ass mexican joint with really bad karaoke. After making a quick escape (which involved traipsing through the kitchen of said restaurant), we ended up at a nearby tiki bar, where we ordered pizzas and ended up having a really good time.

Rashad, at the hotel bar.

Bret, partaking of the free drinks

The next night we had more food and drinks at the hotel bar with the whole company – and then on Friday night, even more drinks, to send Ken off to his new job on “The Lion King”. Its hard for me to really write or even verbalize my feelings about Ken leaving. I’m not sure I even know what they are yet. All I know is that I did this tour to work with him, and with him not here, I’m not sure what I’m doing here anymore. Feeling a little lost, for sure.

Ken's last night with the company

And that’s all really that happened in Orlando. Lots of illness still going around the company, so lots of understudies on. Even though we just had a layoff a couple of weeks ago, I think our upcoming week off (after Louisville) will do everyone good. Clear some heads, hopefully provide some rest. I know I need the week to refocus. I’m driving across the south to Santa Fe and then LA, and then flying up to Seattle. It will be nice to spend the week alone. Away from the show – away from everything. Getting my head together.

Tami, getting Joey ready to go on as "Stacee"

Rehearsing understudies at half hour

Sean, watching rehearsal.


2 thoughts on “Orlando

  1. Private is always the way to go. If you want to be honest when you write. You will lose people though. It’s very true.
    I am sorry to hear ken is gone and can totally empathize with how you are feeling. I joined Spamalot to work with Mike and Jaki. They were gone in 4 months. I felt exactly the same way. Well…I also felt a bit abandoned too, honestly. They brought me out there and then dumped me. But then look what happened! I met you! So all is not lost.

  2. I totally understand that private blogging would give you the chance to actually wrote what’s on going and how you feel. Though, I’ll be so sorry! I’ve been reading you for awhile and I’ll definetely miss you!

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