Christmas Break

The two weeks off for Christmas were really nice. I spent a few days driving down to Fort Lauderdale, via Winston-Salem, NC (where I stayed with my dear friend Ryan Hill) and Savannah, GA. I parked my car at the airport in Fort Lauderdale and flew to California, where I spent ten days with my family in Sunnyvale. It was my niece’s first Christmas, and I am so happy that I could be there to share it with her! It was also great to see so many of my old friends from high school, and to meet some of their new babies, as well 🙂 It was a much-needed break from work, but I was definitely excited to get back to the show after two weeks away from it (and excited to get back down to warm, sunny Florida!).

Tormenting Lucy with reindeer antlers

No, she wasn't happy about the antlers

Lucy big eyes

Smiley bear

With some of her Christmas loot

And of course, any trip home to Sunnyvale is not complete without a trip to Cicero’s pizza (check) and also a trip (or three) to the Duke (check). The high school gang was of course out in force whenever a trip to the Duke was in the plans.

Mary and Steve


Me and Mare


David and Mary

I also loved all the awesome girl time I got while in town. I actually was able to be there for the gift exchange with my best girlfriends, we had a mani/pedi day, and had a night of baking Christmas cookies at Fin’s. So great to spend time with my girls!

The day after Christmas it was back to work, though, and although I had a great time and miss everyone terribly, its not too difficult to be waking up every morning to this:

Happy new year all!


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