I’m late getting these blog entries done because of the flurry of one-weekers that we are doing just before our two-week Christmas lay-off. With a one-weeker, once you have loaded the show in and have an understudy rehearsal on Thursday or Friday, you realize you are already at the weekend and about to load the show out again. That’s how Pittsburgh was, with the added bonus of Thanksgiving being thrown in the middle.

Driving to Pittsburgh

On the road

Gassing up the car

I drove to Pittsburgh from Detroit on Monday morning – an easy four hour drive. It was cloudy and cold, but no snow to speak of. And when I actually arrived in Pittsburgh, it was strangely warm – I was far too hot in my sweater and jacket. I checked in to the Omni William Penn – easily my favorite hotel on tour – and was able to get the room one floor up from the room I stayed in two years ago on “Spamalot” (which I loved). It was a small room, but really cozy and was on the corner, so had windows on two walls, which I really like (you know me and my need for light in my hotel rooms!). The Omni William Penn is an old historic hotel with a very grand, ornate lobby that was all decked out for the holidays. There is a Starbucks and a Brueggers Bagels on the premises, as well as a really great hotel pub called the Tap Room. The best part of my experience at the hotel, though, was the free morning beverage service! You leave a tag on your door at night saying what beverage you want delivered (coffee, hot chocolate, juice, etc) and what time, and then in the morning when you wake up, a tray is waiting for you outside your door! Its awesome. There are also small breakfast items you can add for a very small price. Love, love, love that part of staying at the Omni.

The Omni William Penn

The Omni William Penn

The Omni William Penn

At the Omni

So anyway, I checked into the hotel and once I was settled, I headed out for some lunch and a walk-around. I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of downtown Pittsburgh. I have never had the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas, so I don’t want to write off the city as a whole (especially since a couple of my dear friends are from there), but as far as downtown goes, I’m not all that impressed. There’s a few good places to eat, but mostly its pretty run-down. There are some really cool old buildings though, I have to say. I took a few pics on my walk, but soon enough headed back to my favorite hotel, where I was content to hang for the evening (I even ordered room service dinner because I didn’t want to leave my room). I did venture out later in the night to the Tap Room to have some drinks with the crew, but otherwise, I was happy to hole up in my cozy room (which was pretty much the theme for the week).

Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh

The theater in Pittsburgh (the Benedum Center)  is very spacious, so the show fit with no issues at all. We had a little opening party after the opening night performance at a bar called Olive or Twist that was really nice. We went to a dive bar across the street afterward to finish out the night.

The Benedum Center


The front of the Benedum

The cast at sound check

The cast at sound check

Thursday was Thanksgiving. Most of the cast went over to one of the producer’s houses for a meal, while I opted to go with the crew to McCormick and Schmick’s for a Thanksgiving feast. We had a lot of fun, drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of food – and got back to the hotel in time to sleep it all off before the evening show 🙂 Well some of us slept it off before the evening show, anyway (ahem, Ken!).

The crew at Thanksgiving dinner

The rest of the week I literally spent in my room, or after the show at the Tap Room. What can I say? Sometimes you just have weeks like that on tour – and I’m okay with that!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Tallulah enjoying the hotel bed


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