I was super excited to get back to Baltimore as it was one of my favorite stops on the “Spamalot” tour, almost four years ago. I left Pittsburgh early in order to get to Baltimore in time for lunch. I checked into the Hotel Monaco and promptly headed over to Lexington Market to get a crabcake from Faidleys, which supposedly has the “best crabcake in Baltimore”. It did not disappoint. Yum, yum, yum.

I walked around for a while – revisiting the graveyard where Edgar Allan Poe is buried and headed down to the Inner Harbor to walk around and take some photos. It was just as I remembered it 🙂 It was also freezing! I ended up back at the hotel after a couple of hours, and when dinner time rolled around I couldn’t persuade myself to go back out into the cold, so I ordered room service.

Poe's grave

By the stadium

Water taxi at the Inner Harbor

At the Inner Harbor

Sunset at the Harbor

Self-portrait at the harbor

On Tuesday morning I headed over to the Hippodrome for load-in. Its a pretty big theater but laid out strangely. The theater is made up of three buildings that have been connected, so the dressing rooms are sort of spread out and maze-like to find. That being said, the backstage was plenty roomy for “Rock of Ages”, and we had a smooth opening night. After the opening night show, most of us headed over to Alewife – a pub across the street with tons of unique beers on tap. Alewife is great because they have a decent menu (mussels, yum!) and serve food late, so pretty much it became the outpost for our company for the week.

On Wednesday night after the show, our band and some of the actors,  known as “The Most Handsome Men in the World”, played a gig at Angel’s Rock Bar, a bar in the Power Plant Live area of the Inner Harbor. As always, it was fun watching the guys play – a few new people joined in onstage and the set list was changed up a bit from their previous gigs. It was a good time.

Sean and Nick


Jon, Rebecca and Lauralyn





Thursday I had understudy rehearsal, but after the show, I went to Fell’s Point to revisit Bertha’s Mussels, a favorite bar of ours on “Spamalot”. Unfortunately it was too late to order mussels, but it was fun hanging out at the bar and there was a nice jazz trio playing. Sadly the bumper sticker that Tony Pittsley crafted four years ago that said “Eat Your Spam at Bertha’s” was no longer hanging on the bar walls amidst all the other handcrafted bumper stickers.

Inside Bertha's

Bumper stickers at Bertha's

The bar at Bertha's

The next day I walked back over to Fell’s Point to take some photos. Fell’s Point is a really cute part of town – lots of brick rowhouses, and bars and restaurants and boutiques. I was trying to shoot some film with the Yashica camera I got off ebay this summer, but the shutter got jammed after about ten frames. Ah well. Luckily I had my digital camera with me too, so it didn’t stop me 🙂 Later in the afternoon, I ran into a couple of the girls from the show in a coffee shop in the neighborhood.

Brick houses in Fell's Point


Along the dock

Bar tables along the street

Outside a vintage shop

A random broken guitar in a vacant lot

Outside Bertha's Mussels

On the harbor

The weekend brought the usual four shows. Ken, Michael and I stuffed our faces with seafood between shows on Saturday at Phillips Seafood Buffet at the Inner Harbor. I think I successfully met my crab intake quotient for the year 🙂 Load-out on Sunday and then off to Columbus on Monday. I wish we had had more time in Baltimore – a day off there would have been great. Ah well. One more week until Christmas lay-off!


One thought on “Baltimore

  1. Beautiful pics . I have lived here all my life and it’s just hard to try and explain it’s charm unless you have been there to feel it yourself. I love the show ROA and you have quite the Awesome are very talented with your camera..keep up the good work.


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