So the week started off with a LOOOONG drive to Minneapolis from Boston. 1400 miles. 24 hours. Thank god Ryan was there to help me with it. We left Boston at 5pm on Sunday and drove until 1am. Then we set off the next morning at 7am and arrived in Minneapolis around 9pm. Not bad. I’m getting really bored with driving the same route over and over again though – I drove from NYC to Chicago, then back mostly the same way to Boston, then back again the same way to Minneapolis. Yesterday I was faced with driving back yet again en route to Cincinnati, and I purposely drove 60 miles out of the way just so I could drive through Iowa instead of having to go back through Chicago again for the fourth time in as many weeks!

En route to Minneapolis

Anyway, we arrived at the Towne Place Suites in Minneapolis and ordered a pizza from Pizza Luce. It was nice to be back in a hotel with a kitchen again. Ryan went out to Trader Joe’s the next day and bought us some groceries.

Load-in went pretty smoothly. The crew were pretty much toast by showtime as it was the first overnight load-in. Because the trip was so long, the trucks wouldn’t get to the theater until past the regularly scheduled Monday load-in time, so the crew instead went in at 11pm and worked all through the night and the next day up until sound check. They were not happy campers. We had a party afterward at the Hard Rock Cafe that was crowded but decent – hey, I’ll never pass up free drinks and appetizers. A nice waitress took pity on the few of us huddled in the back of the bar and made sure the passed hors d’ouvres made their way over to us.

On Wednesday I had a chiropractor appointment. This time I went to a doctor who does A.R.T. (Active Release Technique). He was really nice and spent about an hour with me. He seems to think my issues are muscular and not necessarily disc related. Who knows. I should have gotten an MRI back in New York so that I knew for sure what the initial injury was. Anyway, he told me I needed to work on strengthening my core because my back was overcompensating for other weak muscles, therefore causing overexertion, muscle spasm and pain. Whatever the issue is, my back is actually feeling much better and I do intend to start doing some light yoga this week to try and get my muscles back into use.

After the chiro, Ryan and I had lunch at Hell’s Kitchen and then I had understudy rehearsal. During rehearsal, we got word that Patrick, who plays Lonny, had called out for the evening show because he was having trouble with his voice. We quickly started reviewing the show with his cover, Sean, who went on that night for the first time. He did a great job (and is actually going to be on all week in Cincinnati, too, due to Patrick’s ongoing vocal issues).

On Thursday Ryan and I went for a walk down by the river. There is an awesome trail that runs alongside the river that we biked for miles last time we were in town. Minneapolis is a great biking town – there is also a greenway that cuts across the city from the river trail. I was missing my bike a lot this week. I’ve been talking about getting a fold-up bike for a while now, and I’m still thinking about it. It seems a little redundant to travel around since I have the car now, but I really do miss exploring cities by bike. The car came in handy this week, though, since the hotel was a mile from the theater, and we were expected to take two city buses to get to work. The walk wasn’t bad, but you had to go by all the strip clubs, and coming home after the show at night could be a little sketchy. So I drove. There were a couple of parking spots at the theater and I managed to score a permit. I became a little shuttle bus for the week, driving a few people back and forth each day, which was more than fine by me 🙂

Taken along the river trail

Berries along the trail


Along the river trail

Grain belt beer sign

Mill City Museum (the mill ruins are along the river)

On Friday I dropped Ryan off at the airport to go back to Green Bay, and then did a little shopping. Saturday and Sunday we had two shows, and then it was time to pack the bags up again. It was our first one-weeker of the tour and it just flew by.

Now its on to Cincinnati for two weeks. I’m looking forward to having a day off finally (next Monday) and maybe actually getting back into a routine of eating right, exercising, and maybe even seeing something of the town. Wouldn’t that be nice??

I took a bunch of self-portraits this week - I've been kind of missing taking them 🙂

Also, just a side note. This blog was formerly called “Travels with Tallulah”. I changed the name last year when T got very sick, partly because I wasn’t sure how many more travels I would have with her, but also because I felt like it was time for a change – new show, new job. But, as for Tallulah, I just wanted to give you guys a little update – she is doing so well! She is healthy and happy and loving being back on the road. Its still a process to get her to eat the right amount of food everyday – it still takes some coaxing – but I haven’t had to force feed her in months. She still hides under the bed when the suitcases come out on mornings of travel days, but once she is in the car, she is happy and quiet – I love having her around. It makes coming “home” to a hotel room so much better when I see her little face. I am so thankful that she decided to stick around for a while longer 🙂

Tallulah, lazing about at the Radisson in Boston

Tallulah in Minneapolis


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