So we are heading into the home stretch here in New York. We’ve been in studio rehearsals since mid-August and on Friday the company flies to Chicago, where we begin tech rehearsals. First performance in Chicago is on the 21st.

Its been a nice smooth process so far – everyone is incredibly talented, and nice to boot. We’ve had a couple of gatherings, including a meet and greet with the Broadway cast at the Hourglass Tavern. I think, if these early gatherings are any indication, this is going to be a fun bunch to travel with.

Rebecca at Vintage

Josh, Lauralyn and Rebecca at Vintage

Cassie at Hourglass Tavern

Travis at Hourglass Tavern

Brandon, Julie, Rebecca and MiG at Hourglass Tavern

MiG, trying to get the a/c to work, at Hourglass Tavern

Joey, Rashad and MiG at Hourglass Tavern

We’ve finished staging the whole show now, and so for the final three days in the studio, we’ll be doing run-throughs and reviewing. I’m sort of dreading Thursday, which is an-all day rehearsal, then invited run-through, then load-out of the studio until 9pm, then I run home, get Tallulah and start the drive to Chicago. I’m doing about 150 miles on Thursday night, then the rest on Friday. I’ll be very thankful when the week is over and I am safely in Chicago!

We have had two days off this weekend, for the Labor Day holiday, which I am thankful for, as there is so much to do to get ready to  leave town. I spent all day yesterday packing, and then had drinks last night with Suzanne and some other friends. Suzanne is leaving NYC the same day as me to head out on the road with the “9 to 5” tour. Hopefully one of these days we’ll work on the SAME tour again! I’m going to miss her.

Today is all about cleaning the apartment and then back to work tomorrow.

I leave you with a sneak peek at our “Lonny” and “Dennis”. This was taken during a video shoot we had last week.

Ready or not, Chicago, here we come!


2 thoughts on “Rehearsals…

  1. um is that Mig Ayesa from Rockstar:INXS??????
    dude, Kricka and I watched that show religiously and he was one of our favorites. I hope he is cool.
    Lonny and Dennis are hilarious


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