Toronto visit

Two weeks ago I made my first big drive in the new car up to Toronto to visit Ryan for a few days (he was there with the tour of “Legally Blonde”). I was a bit nervous about it for two reasons – first, it was Tallulah’s first big trip since we finished up touring last fall, and secondly, I herniated a disc in my lower back about six weeks ago, and although it is slowly getting better, it is far from healed. The drive ended up being okay. Tallulah was great. My back was pretty stiff, but I pulled over every couple of hours and did some stretches.

The five days I spent in Toronto were nice. It was great to see Ryan, and because I had spent a month in the city previously, when we were there with “Spamalot”, I didn’t feel the need to run around and be touristy at all. My back gave me trouble for a couple of days, so I got a nice sports massage while I was there, and spent some time in the whirlpool at Ryan’s apartment building. We did venture out to High Park on Ryan’s day off, and also out to the beaches for some really delicious ice cream and a walk on the beach.

High Park

Looking towards downtown from the beach

Ryan at the beach

Ryan and I also went out onto the lake one day, on one of those big touristy sailboats. It wasn’t very windy out, so we didn’t go far, but there were hardly any people on the boat so we had lots of space to spread out, and it was just nice to be out on the water.


Looking back at the city

Downtown Toronto as seen from the lake

I also couldn’t help but visit Roots while I was there, and buy a new wallet. I just love their leather bags. Love. I can’t go to Canada and not go shopping there.

The drive home was fairly easy and I was happy with how much better my back was on the way home than it was on the way there. I think the sports massage did some good. Tallulah did great the whole time we were in Toronto – she had a big appetite and was in good spirits. Let’s hope she stays that way when we start touring again next month!

Now I am back in New York and getting ready to start rehearsals for the “Rock of Ages” tour. I have stuff piled around my apartment ready to be packed. I hit the road in about four weeks! We started pre-production this past week, and all is going smoothly so far. I am attempting to start a photo-a-day project documenting this tour. Of course, for the past few days I have forgotten all about it until I am getting ready to leave work for the day, so we’ll see how it goes 🙂 I’m excited though – it should be a fun year ahead!


One thought on “Toronto visit

  1. Ugh! I didn’t know about your back! That’s what’s wrong with mine – I hope you get some help soon so they can fix yours! ❤

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