Countdown to Tour!

I picked up this baby two weeks ago!

My car! I’ve decided to drive this tour as I really enjoy it, and it makes life so much easier when traveling with a pet. I spent some of my hard-earned Spamalot pennies on this brand new CR-V. I love it. Its the first car I’ve had since buying my last Honda at age 22! I was really scared about the whole buying process, but it ultimately proved to be very easy and low-stress, and for that I am really thankful (go to Paramus Honda – they are the best!).

I closed “Everyday Rapture” this past Sunday. What a fun five weeks that was! I am so grateful that I was able to spend a few weeks working on that show and getting the opportunity to meet a really fun group of people. It was a really nice time.

With Bryce, McKenzie and Richard

McKenzie and Bryce

McKenzie and Bryce

Lindsay, McKenzie and Betsy

Now I have four weeks off before rehearsals start for “Rock of Ages”, so I am starting to get my head around packing up suitcases again, and trying to figure out what to bring on tour! I have a couple of friends coming into town this week, and at the end of the month Tallulah and I are heading up to Toronto to see Ryan for a week or so (he’s there with the “Legally Blonde” tour). I’m sure the time is going to fly by.

Tallulah, by the way, is doing really, really well. Keep your fingers crossed that her great progress continues. Her appetite has been very good for the past couple of weeks, which makes me exceptionally happy.

Okay, off to shower now, and then head to the Met for two photo exhibits. I’ve decided that this upcoming year on tour will be a great time for me to start to create a photography portfolio. I really want to start doing some portrait sessions. If anyone is up for being a subject, let me know!


One thought on “Countdown to Tour!

  1. um…I am super supportive and all but I could never be a subject!
    Love the new car! Where are you keeping it?

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