Lots of changes are on the horizon. First of all, my big news is that I am going back on the road again! I was hired to be the first assistant stage manager on the national tour of “Rock of Ages”. Ken, my PSM from “Spamalot” is going to be PSM and the director of the show is Kristin Hanggi, who directed the production of “Bare” that I worked on off-Broadway in 2004. We go into rehearsals in New York in August, tech in New Haven, and then open in Chicago in September. I am really excited, and even more so, because I have decided to drive this tour – which means I am buying a car next month. Yikes! It will be so great to see the country again and get a chance to catch up with friends and family in the towns we play.

My sister’s baby is due any minute now, and I am so excited to meet my niece! We have a week off at Christmastime and I am hoping to fly back to Sunnyvale then to see my family and meet Baby Parker for the first time. We are also playing San Francisco for five weeks in the spring, so I will get even more time with my family then.

Tallulah seems to be hanging in there. Its been a rough few months. I wrote about her FIV status in the last post, and its been a struggle keeping her healthy. Her white cells are just so low, and she doesn’t have an appetite. We are on our third vet now, Dr. Elliott, and luckily, we both really love her. Dr. Elliott practices holistic medicine as well as traditional medicine, so we have been able to try a lot more treatments – from cold laser therapy to chiropractic, to homeopathy. Unfortunately about three weeks ago, Tallulah really took a turn for the worse, and Dr. Elliott told me it was getting near the end. I was preparing to lose my baby within that week. We stopped all treatments, including vitamins and antibiotics, and I gave Tallulah just food, and some anti-nausea medicine. Miraculously, she got better. She still has days when she doesn’t want to eat, but her appetite has greatly improved, and her blood test last week showed that her white cell production has gone up. Dr. Elliott seems to think Tallulah will be okay to hit the road again in the fall – we’ll probably just have to find vets around the country where I can take her in and get a vitamin B shot every now and then. I am hoping that she hangs in there and that I have a lot more time with her!

So, faced with the fact that Tallulah won’t be with me forever, and with this new tour coming up, it really feels like a good time to close the doors on “Travels with Tallulah”. I want to keep blogging, and maybe integrate my photography some more, but I really feel like its time for a change. Time for a new space with a new name. The start of a new chapter. A more all-encompassing blog, my corner of the internet to post what I please. So, after today, I will be blogging here at – my new blog. “Travels with Tallulah” will still be there to look back on, and I have also imported all the old blog posts over here to the new blog, so please update your feeds and links! I am hoping to get back to a more regular blogging schedule — I have really missed it. And I am looking forward to sharing my “Rock of Ages” adventures with you.

One last piece of news – I am currently working on “Everyday Rapture” – a wonderful Broadway show at the American Airlines Theater. We are running for four more weeks, so if you can, please come out and see the show – its a really worthwhile piece of theater.

Hope you are all enjoying the early summer!


One thought on “Change

  1. Congrats on the new site! I’m going to go and add you to my blog roll. Can’t wait to hear of your adventures on the road. That show will be a blast. Sending hugs and lots of good wishes to sweet Tallulah.

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