Intentions for 2010

I have always made resolutions – I don’t know how successful I have always been at keeping them, but I like them nonetheless. I have always been a very goal-oriented person. It keeps me focused and inspired to be better if I have something to work towards. So, here is my list for 2010, which I prefer to think of as intentions rather than resolutions.

1. Stay accountable, active and fit. Go to the gym regularly (isn’t fitness always everyone’s first resolution?)

2. Work to stay inspired with photography – learning, researching, practicing, appreciating, doing.

3. Keep track of spending, reign in luxury spending (hard after tour!), SAVE money. Do not give in to impulse buying.

4. Travel one new place a year.

5. Write more letters.

6. Call one friend a week to catch up. Call my family more often.

7. Get out of the city once a month.

8. Try colorwork knitting.

9. Complete one knitting project per month.

10. Cook one new dish a week. Keep trying/practicing/learning to love and embrace cooking (which I so don’t right now!)

11. Blog once a week.

12. Work and live life with grace.

There they are. Now…to get started!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2010!

Fireworks last night at Prospect Park.


One thought on “Intentions for 2010

  1. those are awesome resolutions, F. I also don’t love or embrace cooking but I so wish I did sometimes! Looking forward to your blog posts and all your pics in the coming year!

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