After 1435 performances, the “Spamalot” tour comes to a close today.

For me, it was 1124 performances, 90 cities, 38 states, 3 years, and endless fun.

Thank you, Spamily.

bow 1

costamesasaturday 61


6 thoughts on “And…Blackout.

  1. Wow. It is weird to not be there, even though in the life of the tour I was just a blip – only one year out of four.
    Still, I wish I was there.

    Much love and warmth

  2. I have been reading your blog since the beginning of the year. Actually, I started out as a fan of RC, but in the course of the events I have become a fan of you and the entire Spamalot family. Thank you for letting me take part in this exciting tour. Your photos are awesome. Good luck to you – and Tallulah .

    • Thanks so much for reading! I see that the blog gets a decent amount of hits everyday but I never know who is really out there! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed following my adventures. Hopefully a new one will start soon that I can continue to blog about!

      Richard was at our closing night performance and party – it was wonderful to see him – such a sweet man.

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