Happy Days

I drove up to the Bay Area last week to be there for my brother Nick’s kidney transplant. Nick was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease over ten years ago and his kidney function has been slowly declining since then. My sister, Becky, who is the bravest person I know, offered one of her kidneys to Nick. I will be forever in awe of her selflessness.

The surgeries were on Wednesday and both went so smoothly – the doctors raved about how beautiful Becky’s donated kidney was, and it started working in Nick immediately. Both Becky and Nick were home by the weekend, and although they are still sore and recuperating, their respective kidney functions are doing amazingly well. We couldn’t have asked for a more seamless and smooth transplant. Please remember them in your prayers for their ongoing road to health.


I got back to LA on Friday night, exhausted, and just in time for a five show weekend 🙂 The only thing I did of note over the weekend, was to go over to the Grand Central Market in downtown LA between shows on Sunday. The market is primarily Mexican food vendors – there is lots of ready-to-eat stuff as well as booths filled with spices and produce. It was fun to walk around and I picked up some goodies for dinner.



On Sunday night we bid goodbye to Sarah Lin Johnson, one of our swings, who is leaving to join the “Young Frankenstein” tour, and also Rick Holmes, who was playing a limited engagement with our company as “Lancelot”. We had drinks for them the night before at Kendall’s, a nice bar at the Music Center.

On Monday I ran some errands, and then spent the evening at Chris and Sean’s. Chris made up some of his delicious fish tacos and invited a group of friends over to partake. One of the attendees was our friend Mark, who Chris and I both went to college with. I hadn’t seen Mark in years and it was great to catch up with him and to meet his wife Brooke and their new puppy.

On Tuesday Suzanne and I did a hike in the San Gabriel mountains near Altadena. It was a nice easy trail, mostly covered by shady trees. It followed a creek to a waterfall – the water levels were so low though, that there were a lot of annoying bugs in the air. If we go back, we will definitely take bug spray next time! It was a really beautiful hike, though, and a different terrain than most of other other hikes, which have been more desert-like.

On the trail with Suzanne

On the trail with Suzanne

On Thursday night I went out for drinks after the show with Suzanne, Tom and Vicki Perrin, and Tim. We went to the Dresden Room, an old school lounge in Los Feliz. It was a fun night – an early goodbye to Tim, who leaves at the end of next week to start grad school.



Tom and Vicki

Tom and Vicki

And of course, there has been sewing! We are working on sundresses in class now, but in the meantime I have finished two tops – both Amy Butler patterns.

Lotus Cami

Lotus Cami

Anna Tunic

Anna Tunic

I love them both, although I’m thinking of shortening the second top so that is a little less like a tunic, and more cami-length.

I can’t believe I only have about two months left on the road!  I’ve finished all my housing and car reservations for the rest of the tour, and have almost finished my planning for the one-week lay-off we have in October. My car reservation is made for my cross-country trip back to New York, and I have a sublet reserved in Harlem for the month of November while I look for my own place. Its been an amazing three years, and it is interesting to be doing these long sit-downs at the end of the tour. It is totally easing me back into apartment life, and into life in one place. I am actually really looking forward to finally getting back to the east coast, and getting my own apartment, and seeing my things again. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t tour again, because in actuality, I would love to (and soon!), but I am definitely in need of some re-grouping and re-organizing and some centering. I think getting back to having my own “home” again will be great for that. I’m sure Tallulah will be glad for the rest, too!

But in the meantime, I have four more weeks in LA before I have to pack up the suitcases again, and I am going to enjoy them to the fullest!


One thought on “Happy Days

  1. I love LA’s Grand Central Market! I’ve been going there since I was a baby, and it never fails to fascinate me still. By all means, check out the fresh tortillas and delicious food at Adelitas’ Bakery. Their green flour tortilla burrito is delicious!

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