Vacation in Alaska, Pt. 3 – Alyeska Resort

We arrived at the Alyeska Resort that evening, sleepy and ready for a relaxing evening. The resort was a welcome surprise – even nicer than it looked online. It was big and comfortable and inviting. Our room was really gorgeous, with dark wood furniture, a big comfy bed, and a stunning view of Mount Alyeska and the tram.



We settled in to the room, and then ventured around the hotel, exploring all the lobbies. There were three floors of restaurants and shops – we went to the sushi bar for dinner. It was delicious! Ryan got the scoop from the sushi chef on the best ski runs.

The next day Ryan went off snowboarding for the whole day. I had a luxurious day of a facial at the hotel spa and then a drive around the small town of Girdwood. It was wonderfully relaxing.

Ryan and I met up in the evening and took the tram up to the top of Mount Alyeska to the resort’s five-star restaurant, 7 Glaciers. Unfortunately it was snowing and misty out, so our views were clouded over, but I did get a few shots from the tram.


7 Glaciers was fantastic. We had an amazing meal with some great wine. And for a few minutes, the mist actually did clear so that I could get a photo of how high up we were!

The hazy view from 7 Glaciers

The hazy view from 7 Glaciers

At 7 Glaciers

At 7 Glaciers

The next morning it was beautiful and clear out – it was also Easter! We had a nice brunch at one of the restaurants at the resort before packing up and taking off for Anchorage.

7 Glaciers in the distance atop the mountain

7 Glaciers in the distance atop the mountain

On the way back to Anchorage we spotted a few more moose in Potter’s Marsh, which is on the Seward Highway just outside of Anchorage. We pulled over and snapped a few pics.


We checked into the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage (which was dirty and rundown and a big letdown after the nice hotels we had been in all week) and then set out to walk around town. Most everything was closed as it was Easter Sunday, but we did some window shopping and ran into a few people from the show who had started to trickle into town over the weekend. We had dinner at Orso, a great restaurant across the street from the Westmark. It was a delicious meal and a nice way to end our “vacation”. The next day Ryan began load-in at the theater and it was back to work for both of us!


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