365 Days

For the past year I have been doing a project on Flickr called 365 Days. The object of 365 Days is to take a self-portrait of yourself every day for a year. I started taking my SP’s last March while we were in Orlando. I’ve missed a few days here and there, but today I finally took my 365th self-portrait!

It has been a wonderfully rewarding project to be a part of. I have “met” many, many fantastic people through comments on my photos, and through commenting on others’ photos. There is a large 365 group on Flickr, but a smaller group exists of “knitterly and crafty types”, which is the most amazing community of women, some of whom I have actually met in person this year, and many others who I “talk” to on a regular basis online through comments on each others photos. It has been the best part of the project to get to know these gals and to see them everyday in their photos!

So, here are my 365 stats!

Miles traveled: 28,378
States visited: 25 U.S., 3 Canadian provinces.
Number of cities I stayed in: 47 – Orlando, Birmingham, Greenville, Raleigh, Dayton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Appleton, Madison, Grand Rapids, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Vancouver, San Francisco Bay Area, Edmonton, Calgary, Philadelphia, Toronto, Syracuse, West Point, Great Barrington, Ottawa, Norfolk, Boston, Pittsburgh, Sioux City, Denver, Fayetteville, Des Moines, Cincinnati, South Bend, Peoria, Chicago, Detroit, Huntsville, Melbourne, Tampa, Austin, Atlanta, Wilmington, New York City, Cleveland, Seattle, Anchorage.

Plane Flights: 24
Bus Rides: 13
Long Car Rides: 13
Overnight Bus Rides: 4
Hotels: 45
Rental Houses: 6

Days it took me to complete this project – 390. Started March 28, 2008. Completed April 20, 2009.

The record I have of my days over the past year is absolutely priceless. I only have to look back over my 365 set to realize how lucky I am, to take in all that I have experienced and learned, and to sit back in amazement at the things I have seen. I AM BLESSED.

Below is a mosaic of some of my favorite self-portraits taken over the year – they are the shots I am most proud of.


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