Goodbye to 2008! Part Three – Photography.

2008 Favorite Captures, originally uploaded by francescarussell.

2008 was definitely a year of big time learning for me when it came to photography, thanks primarily to the 365 Project on Flickr, which I began in March. The goal of the project is to take one self-portrait a day for a whole year. Well, I’ve missed days here and there, but have mostly been very faithful to the project – I am now up to Day 258! Along with meeting some great folks through Flickr, mostly from a 365 group made up of “knitterly and crafty types”, I have learned a TON about photography – from editing to composition to lighting to different lenses – its been a totally enlightening project all the way around.

Above is a mosaic of all my favorite captures throughout this year. I have found such joy in taking pictures – my eye now gravitates toward beauty in even the most mundane things. I am constantly thinking “that would make a great photo”. Photography has made me see the beauty in every day.

I dare say that these days I am loving it even more than knitting!

If you are interested, the link to my ongoing 365 Project can be found here.


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