Goodbye to 2008! Part Two -Travel.

2008 Travel Highlights, originally uploaded by francescarussell.

In 2008 my adventures continued with the “Spamalot” tour. I visited 41 cities with the tour and 7 additional cities on vacations – Playa del Carmen, New York City, Sunnyvale, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Green Bay and Great Barrington. I visited 21 U.S. states with the tour, plus 3 Canadian provinces, and 1 additional state on vacation (California). I saw three countries – the great U.S. of A., Canada, and Mexico. It has been a busy year!!! My cat has traveled to more places this year than most humans! And I have been on more planes and buses than I care to remember (for someone who HATES flying, I sure picked a strange job to take!). I spent over $5000 this year on car rentals, which I drive all over most of the country. Thank god gas prices have finally gone down!

The above mosaic features some of my favorite places that I visited over the year. If you click on it, you will be taken through to Flickr and given more information on where each of the photos were taken.

2008 was a year of constant movement – we had a TON of one week stops, and I saw more of the country than I ever thought I would see. I was also lucky enough to catch up with lots of friends and family, starting with my vacation to Mexico in January with Katherine and continuing with some time with friends in New York City, getting back to California for Fin’s wedding and having the opportunity to show Ryan San Francisco and Santa Cruz while we were there, to spending a week in New Mexico this winter with Tanya.

Favorite stops this year: Vancouver, Philadelphia (although getting my purse stolen sucked), Banff National Park near Calgary, Albuquerque, Playa del Carmen, Ottawa, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Nashville, Madison, and of course, good ol’ NYC.

I’m looking forward to a calmer 2009 with longer tour stops, including lots of time in my home state of California close to family and friends (in fact it will be the most time I have spent in California since I moved to New York in 2002). I am also extremely excited about “Spamalot”‘s two-week stop in Anchorage, Alaska this spring! Can you believe my cat is going to Alaska???

Here’s to another year full of fantastic adventures!


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