Laying Low in Edmonton

I’m afraid I don’t have much to report about this week. Maybe it was the “coming down” after such an eventful month in Vancouver, but I just had no energy to do ANYTHING this week. Luckily, Edmonton is just the town to do nothing in. Because there’s not a whole lot going on.

We flew in on Monday. We flew over snow-capped mountain after snow-capped mountain, and then we got to the flat lands. Edmonton is north of Montana, I think. It’s prairie-land. We had sort of a heinous morning at the airport, dealing with a super long line at the ticket counter, and then once arriving in Edmonton, our bus ride to the hotel seemed never-ending. By the time I finally reached the hotel, I was beat. 

I ventured out to the grocery store to pick up some things, and was looking to see if there was maybe a movie playing that evening, when Ryan called. It seems that there was a giant accident on the freeway somewhere between Vancouver and Edmonton, and only two of the trucks got through before the freeway was closed overnight. So, load-in went as far as it could, and at 7pm, the guys were cut loose. It was nice for Ryan to have the night off, only he had to be back at work at 5am to try and get the show in before the performance Tuesday night. We went over to this British pub called Sherlock Holmes that Ryan had seen on the way back from the train and got some dinner.

5am came all too soon, and I couldn’t get back to sleep after Ryan left, so I ended up getting up and going in to work, too. It was a very long day, but the guys managed to get everything in in the nick of time, and the show went off without a hitch.

The view from our balcony at 5am

The view from our balcony at 5am

On Wednesday we literally slept until afternoon. We finally left the hotel to go and get some food before work.

On Thursday, another sleep-in, only we did make it out for a late lunch at a cute place called the Blue Plate Diner, which lucky for me, had sweet potato fries! My latest obsession. We walked over to the Parliament building before heading to work. It is a really beautiful building, and it was funny to see all the kids swimming and frolicking in the fountains out front.

After the show on Thursday, we had a quick game of Flip Cup in the green room, hosted by Brian O’Brien, who had been with us for a few weeks to help cover Patrick’s absence. It was sad to see Brian go (again) – he is such a fun presence in the company.

Brian playing Flip Cup

Brian playing Flip Cup

Cuz and Nigel go head-to-head

Cuz and Nigel go head-to-head

After Flip Cup, we headed over to Ruth’s Chris for a dinner that Karl hosted for the crew as a thank you for all the one-weekers. As is typical of crew get-togethers, it soon turned into a roast of our fellow co-workers, but it was a good laugh, and nice to spend time with everyone. We will be seeing some new faces on the crew soon, as Vera (head props) and Keith (automation) both resigned this week and are headed off to other shows – they are two of our few remaining original company members, too! Ryan is moving into the automation position, and Terry, who had been our prop sub, is moving into Ryan’s carpentry track. We will be getting a new prop person to take over Vera’s track.

On Friday we stopped by the downtown shopping mall (which is quite small) and then headed in early to work to check out Old Strathcona, which is an area near the college, where the theater is located. We had some Mexican food, and did some shopping before heading into work. After the show, we went back to Sherlock Holmes to celebrate David’s (our associate company manager) birthday. Friday was also the return of Patrick, after being gone for six weeks filming a couple of episodes of “Gossip Girl”. He showed up at the theater with sixty cupcakes from Magnolia (a famous bakery in the West Village). How he managed to carry sixty cupcakes on the plane and through customs is beyond me. Only Patrick.

Patrick on Gossip Girl

Patrick on Gossip Girl

Saturday and Sunday were the requisite four shows, and then load-out. I was actually kind of thankful for a lazy week. It would have been fun to go to the giant Edmonton mall (apparently the biggest in North America) and maybe to the art museum, but it was actually more fun to just chill out and rest. Got to save my energy for Philadelphia which is only a week away!

Next stop, Calgary.

Here’s some fun pictures from the train this week. We all took the subway to and from work everyday, which was actually so much nicer that dealing with shuttles or cars.


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