The Heat is on in San Antonio

Sunset as seen from my balcony

Ken kept singing “The Heat is On” from “Beverly Hills Cop” this week, so I couldn’t resist using it for the title, especially since it is the truth.

It was HOT in San Antonio. HOT. Not dry heat like in New Mexico. Sticky, sweaty, nasty hot. 100 degree hot everyday with like 100% humidity. Ew.

Thank god the hotel was literally across the street from the stage door of the theater.

Ken and I and a few other folks took a quickie Express Jet flight to San Antonio from Albuquerque. I had never heard of Express Jet before booking that ticket, but I recommend them! We were given breakfast, a cookie, drinks and a mint (on our 1 hour flight), and they had XM radio for you to listen to. Very nice!

After checking into the lovely Holiday Inn (I mean that – my room had a balcony, which I LOVED), I headed down to the famed Riverwalk to grab some lunch. The Riverwalk is pretty cool – it is lined with restaurants and bars and you can take little boat rides down it – it feels very Disney Mexico at Epcot if you know what I mean. It is filled with families and on the weekends, lots of drunkards, and is a lot of fun. I ate some delicious fish tacos at the Iron Cactus and had quite a strong margarita!

San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio Riverwalk

It was a bit too hot to really do much, so aside from walking along the river for a little while, I mostly hibernated at the hotel and enjoyed my balcony!

Tuesday was load-in…and my birthday. Lucky me! Last year my birthday fell on load-out, this year load-in. Maybe next year I’ll finally have the afternoon off! I did have a lovely lunch with Ken, Karl and Jovon at Boudros on the Riverwalk – they make the guacamole at your table and it was delicious! The show that night was fine, uneventful, and afterwards Ryan and I went to an Irish pub on the Riverwalk for some food and a beer. There were some company members there, including the hair and make-up local, whose birthday it was also. She had a yummy cake which she shared with me – so nice!

On Wednesday Ryan and I stopped by the theater to pick up some packages that had arrived for me – I ordered some new camera accessories! I got a new wide angle lens for my G-9, a lensbaby, a remote for my Nikon and a new bag (I also got a new 50mm lens for my Nikon which arrived yesterday in Fort Worth). After opening everything up at the hotel and figuring out how it all worked, we went and got some lunch at the coffee shop next door, Sip, and then went down to the Riverwalk to take one of the little cruises.

The cruise was fun – obviously very touristy, and it was short – only about 30 minutes. It was so hot out though, I’m not sure I would have wanted it to last any longer. It was a fun way to see the whole Riverwalk and to hear a bit about its history. Plus boats are always fun. After that, to cool down a bit we went to the Iron Cactus for some frosty margaritas!

With Ryan on the Riverwalk cruise

With Ryan on the Riverwalk cruise

On Thursday I had rehearsal, but afterwards, Ken, Karl, Jovon and I went over to Market Square to Mi Tierra for dinner. Mi Tierra had been recommended by one of the locals, and it did not disappoint. It is a restaurant with a bakery and a bar, and is open 24 hours. I had some really good enchiladas with mole sauce (and because my order was late I got a free margarita!). Jovon tried some menudo as an appetizer which looked really nasty. I know it is a delicacy and all, but I just don’t see the appeal of eating stomach lining.

After the show I headed back to Mi Tierra with some of the girls from the show for “Girl’s Night”. It was a small group, but we had a nice time drinking margaritas in the bar and chowing down on chips and queso.

On Friday Ryan and I went to check out San Antonio’s biggest tourist stop, the Alamo. It is actually quite small and underwhelming in person. When you see maps of the old compound you see how big the fort used to be, but now not much of it is left. It was really hot and overrun with people so we didn’t stay long. It was interesting to see and read about the history. I had no idea the guys at the Alamo lost their fight – I figured they must have won since the Alamo is such a symbol of Texas pride. But no, they lost. We went back a couple of nights later to take some photos of the Alamo at night – it was lit really beautifully. I’m glad I went, but I wouldn’t tell anyone to go out of their way to visit it – the fact that street is lined with places like Ripley’s Believe it or Not is kind of indicative of what it has become. Sort of a shame really. Kind of like all the casinos that have come to surround Niagara Falls.

Saturday and Sunday were the usual four show days – Saturday was spiced up a bit by the fact that Tera-Lee once again had to perform a boy’s track. Patrick, who plays Lancelot, is out for a few weeks to film a couple of episodes of “Gossip Girl” (which all happened at the last minute on Monday), and some of the ensemble guys already had pre-arranged personal days this week, so when it came down to it, we were short men for the weekend – therefore, Tera-Lee went on in one of the male ensemble tracks. We are so lucky that we have an associate dance captain who is such a good sport, and so talented to boot! She was great, and the audience was none-the-wiser.

Here she is in Rio:

We closed on Sunday and then traveled to Fort Worth on Monday, our last stop of the one-weekers! 

Thanks to all who passed on birthday wishes!


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