Goodbye to Florida

So as for the blog, I’m going to continue writing and publishing it without a password for now, and see how it goes. I hate to exclude anyone, and would like to keep it open and available. For me, I will try to be as truthful and candid as I can be about my experiences, within reason, and will attempt to give personal journaling another try, so that I have a completely candid account of this experience. It will be a good exercise for me to do some more writing – and if I feel like I have written anything that I want to share with anyone, I can always email it out.

Moving on.

So, we come to the end of our six weeks in Florida. Orlando ended up being a sort of restful stop. I didn’t try to go to any amusement parks – I went to Disneyworld last year when we were in Tampa, and I feel like I’ve had my fill for a while.

Load-in went smoothly – it’s taking less and less time for the guys to get the show in, which is great because it means more rest for them. They were able to cut out on Monday before 9:30pm and on Tuesday they were done by lunchtime and had the afternoon to rest before the show that evening.

We had our load-in lunch at a restaurant called City Fish near Lake Eola, which is the area where Ken was staying. I had a delicious lobster roll and dreamt about it all week until I returned yesterday with Ryan and had another!

On Wednesday I splurged and went to the Aveda salon to get my hair colored and cut. I’ve only had my hair professionally colored once and that was in 1997 – it had gotten so bleached from the sun, and from coloring it myself, that it needed some help. Cara, my stylist, did lowlights and used my current color as highlights. It looks great – I’m really happy with it, and she gave me the magic formula so that I can go to any Aveda salon and have it replicated.

Thursday was another easy-going day – I walked around the cute shopping area of Winter Park, and got a pedicure.

Friday was Julie Barnes’ going away party. Julie is one of my faves in the cast. She’s English, first of all, and just has a great sense of humor and is so down-to-earth. I’ll really miss having her around. Her party was at a tiki bar in downtown Orlando, which was a bit overrun with crazy spring breakers, but we staked out an area on the outdoor patio and pretty much had it for ourselves. It was a really fun night with too many fruity drinks, and shots courtesy of Tony Pittsley.

Here are a few of my favorites:



Tony with a tray of shots

Tony with a tray of shots

Adam and Julie

Adam and Julie

Julie and Jenn

Julie and Jenn

Nigel and Angelina

Nigel and Angelina

Saturday was a day of recovery for most of the company, stumbling through two shows. 

Sunday was a big day at Spamalot, for we began THE BATTLE OF THE BEARDS! Terry Thomas, our interim prop guy (Vera leaves this week for a two month leave of absence), has quite a substantial beard – I wish I had a photo to share, but I don’t. His facial hair inspired Ken to start a competition between all the guys on the crew, to see who could grow the most facial hair in a month. Everyone had to come in clean shaven on Sunday and the growing begins on Monday. I have never seen Ryan without a beard, and this is what greeted me on Sunday morning at work:

Pretty funny, right?? 

Especially when this is what I am used to:

Let the battle begin!

Sunday was also Julie’s last day – there were usual shenanigans during the show including rubber chickens instead of bread loaves, a solo tap cross, a fart machine, and a few others. Julie got stickers printed for everyone to put on our trunks that say “Julie bailed on us in Orlando” – very cute. We will miss her so! Why do all the good people have to leave???

And now on to Birmingham, Alabama. I’m ready for a change of pace from Florida. If nothing else, I am ready to leave all the traffic behind! It’s worse than LA here! Tallulah and I are road tripping it to Alabama. It’s a nine hour drive, but I got an amazing car rental rate ($8 a day – no joke!) and I’d rather drive than deal with flying and airports. I’m kind of looking forward to nine hours of music and podcasts. Speaking of music and podcasts – I discovered a very cool new musician this week through one of the podcasts I listen to – her name is Cassandra Kubinski and she is a New York City-based singer. If you like Regina Spektor, singer/songwriter-type of music, check her out – I am loving her CD, Hold the Sun. Here’s her website if you want to check her out – You can find her albums on iTunes.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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