Things About Fort Myers








1. We had a super cool rental house. Too bad there wasn’t more free time to be spent there. We did manage to grill outside one day. I never found the time to use the jacuzzi tub, though. Boo.

Our backyard, which came complete with boat dock

Our backyard, which came complete with boat dock

2. It was super nice and sunny all week. Tallulah enjoyed some sunbathing time.

3.  I took some photos of Gary for press use in Miami. My first photo credit!

4. There was a really weird guy in the orchestra who we dubbed “Crawdaddy” because he would bring one of his pet crawfish to work every night, along with an array of stuffed lobster toys. The crawfish would be in a tupperware container on his keyboard during the show and at intermission he would bring it backstage. Crawdaddy has four pet crawfish that he alternates bringing to work. You think I’m joking…but I’m not.

5. It was Wally’s last week. Wally was a super fun dude and a great addition to the company. Not to mention his Mrs. Galahad was hilarious. Hopefully we’ll see him again before too long.

6. Trudy and Linda came to town, which means I got my taxes done. Thankfully I’m getting a nice refund.

7. I started teaching myself to crochet. I’m making a scarf.

8. The Barbara Mann Theater has THE BEST vending machine! You can get Vitamin Water and Godiva coffee drinks out of it!

9. Being that Florida is Outlet Mall Heaven, I took advantage and bought some new luggage. I know, its only been a year, but the zipper broke on my big suitcase, and Tallulah, with a subversive revenge tactic for having to travel every Monday, peed in my other suitcase. This time I bought Briggs and Riley, who will fix airline damage to my suitcases free of charge.

10. Matt had a birthday this week. Patrick got him a really cool cake with all things Matt loves decorating the top. No one would eat his girlfriend Paula, though.

11. It was funny to see all our stuff all over the parking lot on Sunday as we readied to load out. Because of the good weather, everyone embraced the “outdoor office space”.

12. Fort Myers was nice, but Miami is nicer, and with no rehearsal this week, there may actually be some beach time in my future!


One thought on “Things About Fort Myers

  1. I can believe Tallulah peed in your luggage. LOL. I am very jealous of your sunny wonderful weather. While it is starting to be sunny…I am still in Rochester…grrrrrrrrr

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