In the Land of the Potato

The only potato that I actually saw in Idaho was the one in the photo, skinned and loaded at a bar called The Ram, where we went for a crew drink night. After some inquiries of the bartender, it turns out the skins were not even made from Idaho potatoes, but rather from Oregon potatoes. Go figure.

The stop in Boise unfortunately sort of ranked up there amongst other stinky stops such as Kansas City, Tulsa and Rochester. It really is unfortunate, because I have a feeling that Boise is actually a very nice town with some great surrounding areas to see. I know there is good skiing nearby and that there are also some phenomenal hot springs that I would have loved to have visited if we had been in town longer.

We only played six shows in Boise. 6 days. 6 shows. It went by very quickly.

The load-in was a challenge for everyone. Thankfully the theater was a large performing arts center on Boise State’s campus, with plenty of room for everything backstage. Unfortunately, the catch of playing on a college campus, was that none of the local crew there were union members. I stopped by the theater with Lisa the day we got into town, and it looked like a technical theater class was taking place on stage. Our road crew had to teach every local how to do every task, rather than being able to send them off on their own with any given project. The load-in got behind for these reasons, and so it was a scramble to have everything ready for the show the next day. The space had also changed since Shaun Sites, our former flyman who lives in Boise, had done the site survey. Things were in the air that shouldn’t have been and the space and state of the linesets in the air was not what Shaun had seen when he came to do the survey. So our guys had to punt, and they did great. All worked out, and the show happened.

The show crew were also non-union, a lot of students. There was a lot of dealing with people having to go to class and not being able to be there on certain days. But for the most part, they were a good show crew and the week went smoothly.

Scott and Steve

Scott and Steve

Steve Ramondo, our awesome prop guy, is also currently training his replacement, Scott Gibson, so there was that added factor on deck, as well. I will miss Steve like crazy – when he first started, I thought I was going to kill him – he’s an electrician who has never done props before. AND he has the most manic energy I have ever experienced in someone on a backstage crew! But I’ve learned to love him – he’s got a huge heart and he’s such a decent and fun guy. I really don’t want him to go – but he’s a ski bum and wants to go back to Winter Park for ski season. I can’t say I blame him after visiting Winter Park. Scott, Steve’s replacement, seems like a great guy, too – and I hope he can fill Steve’s shoes somewhat!.

After a week of non-stop parties in Seattle, all I wanted to do in Boise was rest. So rest is what I did. I stayed in on Wednesday and Thursday, with the exception of stopping by Borders Books to pick up some cat care books. The time has come for Tallulah to go on a diet. When I took her to the vet in Portland, the vet recommended putting her on the “Catkins” diet, essentially limiting her carb intake. It all sounded so weird to me, so I ignored the advice. But in Seattle Lulu was throwing up a lot, due to overeating, so I started to investigate her nutrition. It seems that dry cat food, is indeed bad for cats – that the benefits of teeth cleaning are kind of a myth. Cats are carnivores, and should be eating protein. Dry food also expands in their stomachs and makes them vomit if they eat too much of it. So, I’ve stopped giving Tallulah dry food and have just been giving her wet food. Luckily she has always preferred wet food anyway, so there wasn’t much anguish in the change. I have already noticed that she seems to have more energy, and she hasn’t thrown up once since we left Seattle. I’ll keep you posted on whether the little fatty loses any weight. 

Along those lines, I put Lulu into her leash and harness on Thursday, and Ryan and I attempted to take her for a walk. She was a bit freaked out by all the noises and stimuli, and it was a bit chilly out. But we did manage to get her across the street to the coffee shop, where we sat outside and drank coffee and Tallulah watched the birds. I’m going to try and keep up with the leash walking and hope she takes to it. It would be good exercise for her. All she does now is lie around all day and watch Animal Planet – lazy puss!

On Thursday Karl treated the crew to drinks as a thank you for dealing with the load-in and local crew here. It was really nice, as it always is when the crew can get together for a social event. They really are a great bunch.

Fran and Tony

Fran and Tony

The crew enjoying drinks

The crew enjoying drinks

On Friday, Ryan and I got out of the hotel and went to visit theOld Idaho Penitentiary – the old state pen near downtown. It is actually a beautiful area with a ton of hiking trails around – I wish we had gone earlier in the week and discovered the trails then, so we could’ve taken advantage of them – but oh well!

The prison is mainly just ruins of buildings now – it opened in the 1800’s and closed in 1973. We watched a video about the history of it and then took a self-guided tour. I loved the old crumbling brick and the pretty gardens. The cells that still exist are pretty creepy, especially when you read the stories of the convicts that stayed there. You can also visit the solitary confinement cells, death row and the gallows, which are uber-creepy. You could feel all the ghosts in those buildings.

We walked around the surrounding area after the tour. The countryside was beautiful.

Saturday came quickly – with load-out happening after the evening show, leaving time for the trucks to travel to Nebraska on Sunday, so that the crew could load in as usual on Monday. Between shows on Saturday, Ryan and I took a quick bike ride alongside the Boise River and then had lunch at a Basque pub (apparently there is a large Basque population in Boise. Who knew?).

The Boise River

The Boise River

I call this one "Portrait of a Crabass"

I call this one "Portrait of a Crabass"

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! I won the football pool this week! Jeff Dumas (Patsy) organizes the pool each week. Basically we fill out sheets saying which teams we think will win the games that week, then we rank them according to our confidence that they will win each respective game with a point value from 1-14 (or 13, however many games there are that week). Whoever gets the most points wins. I have gotten close to winning a lot, but this week I actually won! I was tied with Erik Hayden going into the Monday night game, but then he picked the Broncos, who lost! Yippee – I won $75!

In other funny Spamalot news this week, Karl, our company manager, started the Master Cleanse. He is only drinking a concoction of lemon, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for ten days in an effort to clean out his system. I think he is at something like day five or six now. The amount of time we have spent in the office talking about Karl’s poop is unbelievable!

Karl and his poop juice

Karl and his poop juice

Yesterday we travelled to Omaha, Nebraska. Ryan and I are staying at the Magnolia Hotel, which is a strange place – we have an enormous two floor suite, but yet it is old and sort of run-down. The lobbies are gorgeous though – they look sort of like a W hotel. Strange that the rooms wouldn’t be equally as gorgeous. We have a kitchen, for example, but there are no plates, cups, or silverware…nothing. And the bathroom only had two towels. And there is a fireplace, but with a filthy hearth. I had to block the fireplace with the ironing board so Tallulah can’t get in there. But the bed is really comfy and the furniture is nice (although we rearranged the couch and armchairs so we could actually see the TV from them!). Anyway, its only a week, right?

The Old Market area of downtown Omaha seems cute. We went to a brewpub last night for dinner and I plan on walking around a bit today. 

I also finished my “Juliet” sweater and blocked in it Boise, so pictures of that soon!

Hope everyone has a great week!


One thought on “In the Land of the Potato

  1. Your “Portrait of a Crab-Ass” his hilarious. I am also a wee bit jealous of your jail shots. They are way better than mine. Course it is hard to take photos when your camera is in the cell itself…
    nice stuff.

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