Parties, Sights, Games and Goodbyes

It really is amazing how fast three weeks went by in Seattle. The time was jam-packed with rehearsals and good-byes and parties, and a little sightseeing thrown in. Seattle is a great town – it reminds me a lot of San Francisco and a bit of Portland. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can come back for another visit!

Among other things, I managed to pay a quick homage to the original Starbucks down at Pike Place. God bless Starbucks.

On Monday, Ryan and I took a ferry to Bainbridge Island, the closest of the islands to Seattle. We mostly went for the ferry ride…but also because I wanted to visit a yarn shop there called Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. What a great shop! It was packed with all kinds of beautiful fiber. I was very restrained though, and only bought what I needed – a few buttons and some yarn to make a hat for Fran.

We ate at a pub called The Harbour Public House, and walked around the town a little bit. The real treat of the day though, was indeed the ferry ride. The view of Seattle was amazing, and it was such a clear day that we could see the mountains all around us. As you saw in a previous post, we had the real pleasure of seeing a fantastic sunset from the boat. It was a breathtaking sight.

The next day we were blessed with another clear day, so we hurried over to the Space Needle to take some pictures from the observation deck. For the first time since we arrived in Seattle, I finally met Mount Ranier.

The view from 520 feet up in the air was spectacular and we spent an hour up there taking photos, and just taking it all in.

This week was the week of parties. First, on Tuesday, was Whirlyball! It was a blast to get back in the bumper cars and act like a bunch of kids for the night.

Wednesday was Callie’s farewell party. Boo hoo! Callie is one of the original company members and our fantastic dance captain. She has put most of our current company members in to the show (rehearsing with them – teaching them all the choreography). It is so sad to see her go – she was the only other company member traveling with a cat, and we often shared suggestions and stories with each other about how to deal with our furry companions on the road. Plus, she is just an all around great girl. I will miss her so!

Her party was held at a lounge called the See Sound Lounge in Belltown, a couple of blocks from our apartment. We had a private room for our group, which was nice, and an open bar! – Also nice! I was on good behavior, but some of the others definitely let loose – including Ken, who I have never seen so tipsy and silly! It was hilarious. Suzanne, who is in our hair department, was also in rare form. We all spent much of the night laughing our asses off.

During the day on Wednesday, I had a spa day! I got my hair cut at a place called Vain, which is a hip hair salon in Belltown and had gotten excellent reviews online. My haircut was good, but not earth-shattering. I always expect expensive haircuts to somehow change my life, but they never do. Never mind, after the haircut, I went to Ananda Spa and had a 90 minute hot stone massage. Heaven! It was a lovely spa – very earthy and new agey, which is how I like my spas – I definitely recommend it!

On Thursday, Fran and Lyn and I got together for the first ever gathering of the Spamalot Crafters. We met in Fran’s enormous room at the Pike Place Suites and spent the afternoon knitting, making jewelry, eating snacks and watching the movie “Singles”, which to me, is the quintessential Seattle movie. It was a nice time, and we are hoping to make it a regular event.

Thursday night we had a party at the restaurant Oceannaire, given by the presenters. The food there is great, which is why we all went, but the set up of the room wasn’t great – the food was crammed in the corner and not easy to get to. Once we did get to it though, it was delicious. Mmmmmmmmm……crab cakes.

Friday night, Lisa and I met up with Bret Torbeck, an old friend from California, who has been living and stage managing in Seattle for quite a few years now. Bret and I worked together at San Jose Rep back in 1997. We had a ton of fun working together and have many funny stories from the two shows that we did. We’ve kept in touch all these years and have seen each other from time to time when Bret visited New York. It was nice to see him and catch up with him. Bret is currently the PSM of “Into The Woods” at the 5th Avenue Theater, which he is enjoying a lot. I wish we could have gotten together more than once, but with both of us being so busy, it was hard. At least we did manage to see each other!

That’s a picture of Bret, taken during the summer of 2005 in New York. We decided it would be a good idea to try and hike along the Hudson River from Inwood to Washington Heights. Pretty soon the trail disappeared and we were basically rock climbing. Oh yes, and I was wearing clogs. We were both almost late to work that night. Hilarious.

Saturday night the Suttons (Lyn and Christopher) threw a Halloween party at their place, which sadly, I couldn’t go to because I hadn’t even begun to pack. I did get some pictures of a few folks as they were getting ready, though.

Goth guy - Ben

Goth guy - Ben

Seattle grunge guy - Tony

Seattle grunge guy - Tony

Little Red - Pam, Scarecrow - Suzanne

Little Red - Pam, Scarecrow - Suzanne

Punk rocker - Amy

Punk rocker - Amy

Scary clown Mitchell

Scary clown Mitchell



Finally, Sunday was Callie’s last day with the company. On Saturday at the matinee she did her “Crazy Swing-out Show”, which she created with the wardrobe department, where she danced a different girl’s track in every number, and sometimes different tracks within the same number. It was really fun to watch Callie play all the different parts and challenge herself to remember who she was and what she was doing in any given number!

Sunday was more mellow – but at the evening show, Callie did don Matt Allen’s frog costume and do the cartwheel cross in Laker Girls (in shoes that were much too big!). She also brought back “Lingerie La Las” – singing the la las in “Rio” from the wing in lingerie, as a treat for the boys. She even received a dollar from one of prop guys! (Ew)

So now Callie is on her way back to New York to join the Broadway company for a couple of months while one of the dancers is out having surgery. Callie has promised to fill us all in on life in that show with Clay Aiken!

Bye Calle – We’ll miss you!

Ken left for Australia on Saturday, so now Jovon, Lisa and I are running the show for six weeks. Hee Hee Hee. Dad’s away!

Today I arrived at the airport at 10am to fly to Boise for our next engagement. I was getting off the subway at the airport and heading in the direction if my gate when I felt someone touch my shoulder and say “I thought I might see you here”. I turned around and who did I see?



Tanya is one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, and we had just been playing phone tag with each other for weeks. She recently moved to Albuquerque from New York City and the last time I saw her was probably March. I miss her so much! But luckily, today of all days, she had a lay-over at Sea-Tac on her way to Medford, OR. Sooo – we were able to hang out for an hour and have breakfast and catch up in person. It was so great to see her. I love you, Ta Ta!

So now – on to Boise. So far I haven’t seen much. We are staying at a Candlewood Suites which is very nice. Lisa and I stopped by the theater earlier – all the extra crew are students at the college. Load-in sort of looked like a technical theater class. I hope our guys aren’t going crazy. I haven’t seen much of Boise yet – so far just strip malls. The flight here was fairly uneventful apart from our comedic flight attendant (they’re funny on Alaska Airlines!) and flying right by Mount Ranier, which was a little unsettling. Beautiful, but unsettling. I’m not sure you should fly that close to a giant volcano!

Happy Halloween to everyone! xxx

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