Indigo Ripples Skirt

Last week I finished the Indigo Ripples Skirt from this summer’s Interweave Knits, but only today has it been nice enough outside to do a photo shoot!

Here’s the dealio on the pattern – its by Kat Coyle, and I made it with Rowan denim, about 10 balls, in the colorway Nashville. Size 4 needles.

The pattern is very easy – knit in the round, and once you get past the acres of stockinette, the lace part is quite fun. The only modification I made to the pattern was adding 5 inches of stockinette to cover up my not-so-lovely legs. 

This was the first time I had used Rowan denim, and it was a little hard on my hands, and a bit splitty. It’s true that the dye does rub off on your hands, but it washes off easily, and I didn’t have any trouble with it rubbing off on my clothes.

The yarn shrinks about 20% in length in the wash, so I compensated for that in the knitting. I washed the skirt on warm in the washer with a pair of jeans – twice. It still looked big when I pulled it out of the wash, so then I stuck it in the dryer on hot with the same pair of jeans, and it came out the perfect size! I love the color variation that is starting to happen as the dye lightens up, just like my jeans would!

It’s getting colder now so I’m not sure how much wear this skirt will get anytime soon, but I’m looking forward to wearing it come spring!



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